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What Got You There is a weekly podcast hosted by Sean DeLaney and is all about diving deep and hearing the journey behind some of the worlds most accomplished influencers. Guests include professional athletes, authors, professors, creatives and everyone in between. Find out more at http://whatgotyouthere.com

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Mike Guadango is a coach, writer and the owner of Freak Strength. In this episode we discuss his 10+ years with DeFranco’s Gym and studying under Buddy Morris and James Smith while at the University of Pittsburgh. This episode is about much more than health and fitness and dives deep on Mike’s entrepreneurial journey. We talk about making sacrifices when you’re young for the long term benefits. We also talk about his work with some of the top athletes in the world and what separates world class performers from everyday people. Mike’s knowledge in so many facets of life make this episode a must listen!

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