19. Gumroad's Sahil Lavingia: Weekend Warrior
Your First Million
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What is Gumroad? 06:06

Gumroad helps creators sell content on the internet so they could do more of what they love.

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How did Sahil Lavingia learn to design and code? 07:50

Sahil started by learning design and code for the web, with a simple goal to make enough money to buy some games. Soon thereafter, he took a free online course from Stanford on developing for the iPhone, doing it while he was still a high-school student. He then started to experiment, making more apps. Eventually, Sahil went to college at USC, and only lasted for four months before he dropped out and joined Pinterest to work on their iPhone app full time.


Was it clear in early days that Pinterest was onto something big? 13:18

Although much like in any early startup is was not yet clear where the product would be, Sahil says it was clear they had a great team, and that was an indication of potential success, and what made Pinterest a great team to join.


Why did Sahil leave Pinterest to start Gumroad? 15:11

One Friday night, Sahil designed a set of icons he'd designed. He wanted a tool to sell this digital file on the internet for $1, but no mechanism to do it was available.


How do you make friends in Silicon Valley? 17:16

If you work on something that you are passionate about, you will end up finding other people who are passionate about their work, and if your interest (or needs) overlap, you will meet one another.


Is it possible to create Silicon Valley community in any other city? 19:02

Yes. Living in Palo Alto ten years ago, Sahil felt like he had missed the boat. But, fast-forward to now, having worked his way up, he was able to meet some of the known people in Silicon Valley, and new entrepreneurs have come up, forming new social circles. It's possible to do this anywhere, so long as there's a community willing to work hard.


What made Gumroad so special that Sahil left Pinterest to start a new company? 23:21

Gumroad was the first project Sahil created which not only got 50 visitors from Hacker News on the day it was launched, but was also the only project of his that was helping people to earn a living, by helping them sell creative work on the internet.

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