Ted Talk "Sleep Is Your Superpower"

How Matt Walker got the nation to wake up and to pay attention

Kirill Zubovsky / July 28th, 2019

Ted talk "Sleep is Your Superpower" by Matt Walker, a Professor of Neuroscience at UC Berkeley, seemed to have sparked an ongoing conversation about health, the value of sleep, and our understanding of why we even need to sleep in the first place. Whether or not you believe in the research, this is fantastic news for today's world where hustle culture, focus on work and lack of any attention to personal heath, is so dominant in the world. Matthew talks in depth on the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on the long-term health, and uses humor to get even the macho guys to pay attention. This is perhaps my favorite segment:
The short answer is obvious - sleep is important. Sleep is vital to our health, and ignoring it is not a viable solution. Dementia and Alzheimers are just a fe diseases that have been linked to poor sleep, but the list is long. Sleeping pills aren't the answer either. Instead, regular sleep schedule, combined with cooler temperature and a good diet can do wonders. If you are interested to know more about sleep, take a look a the above-mentioned podcasts, listen to the full video below, and bookmark this page to see our continuous updates on the science of sleep. Stay tuned for more awesome knowledge, extracts from podcasts. Full video of the talk below:

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