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What Is Justin Kan Reading Right Now?

The Untethered Soul - Very important book that helped Justin recognize why detaching happiness from the company success was so important.

Leadership and Self-Deception - There are two ways to treat other people: like people (with empathy), or like an objects (without empathy). If you treat people like objects who are there to achieve metrics, you will end up lying to yourself about your own role in their successes and failures and ignoring your own contributions, which is just poor management.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Remote Work For New Parents?

John Cook loved the the flexibility of remote work while starting Geekwire, but he also admits it was a constant battle to not be distracted in front of his family.

How Is One Child's Necessary Vaccination Affect The Health Of Other Children ?

Tara says that it depends on the state laws of those who are exempted. She says it’s good to know the regulations within a state and school district. With that knowledge, a person should then figure out how to strengthen the laws and make changes if necessary.

How Is It Proven That The Fresh Breath Probiotics Work For Most People?

The probiotics are specifically designed to target the known strains that cause bad breath. Regardless of your conditions, there’s a high probability that the probiotics will prevail against your bacterial conditions.

What Happens When Chris And Adea See A Movie?

Halfway through the movie, Chris says that his uncle has had a heart attack and is in a hospital in Sacramento. When Chris leaves, Adea notices that her phone is missing again.

What Kind Of World Are We Living In?

We live in a world with peer pressure and social media influence. People feel like they need to live this Kardashian lifestyle, Jason uses as an example. This is not what life is about. Self-worth is being determined by what's being worn and what events people attend each year.

What Is Shop Ireland?

Donovan describes it as a basic affiliate site that works like Amazon, but shows the prices in euros. It was a site for Irish people because it had Irish branding and support where Irish people could seek help from people in the same country with similar perspectives as them.

Why Are Compromised Versions Created In A Company?

It is due to the heavy emphasis of collaborative work to get something done. If one person tries to do something creative, the need of collaboration is emphasized, so more people are added to a project that could have been completed by one person, which then creates a compromised version due to everyone's ideas and differences.

What Is A Good Way To Achieve Work Life Balance For A Business Owner?

Anthony was at first scared to scale the company and to implement all sorts of changes that shifted a lot of his tasks onto other people, but after doing so, he said it was the best decision.

If they did not have a bigger team, or promoted key people into leadership, it would have been a lot harder for the two business partners to step aside and to spend time with their family. But now, the business is better off and thriving !

What Can Navy Sea Ls Teach You About Leadership?

Every problem is a leadership problem. Every issues is a leadership issue. You have to take complete responsibility and ownership over everything that's going on within your team and
within your sphere of influence, and you need to teach your people to do the same things.

Can You Ask A Bad Question?

Here is one example. If you're looking for advice or help with something, don't ask people what they did in your situation, just ask them what you should do. Otherwise, you are wasting their time.

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