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What Drives New Subscribers To A You Tube Channel?

Reputability [one could also call it herd mentality]. You are more likely to subscribe to a channel that already has millions of subscribers than the one with nobody listening to it.

Do Accomplished Performers Ever Feel Imposter Syndrome?

Of course. Conan O'Brian was initially entirely unsure about his abilities, but with time and training and practice he's gotten better, and he's grown more confident in himself.

Why Are We Taking People To Emergency Room For A Fever?

Most people polled for this podcast said they take their loved ones to the ER for a fever because they are hoping the emergency room doctors could do something to bring down the fever. People are worried that high fever can cause brain damage. But can it? Follow the notes for this episode to find out.

What Goes Wrong Within The Brain Deprived Of Sleep?

A brain on sleep deprivation shuts down your brain's ability to commit new experiences to memory, according to the MRI images obtained from subjects in study.

How Will Ai Affect The Ability For Humans To Learn, Build, And Create?

Zubovsky can’t provide a specific answer, but thinks that if you follow open AI, you will have a really good sense of what’s possible. He hopes that AI will remove mindless tasks from our lives.

Does Charles Fund Propaganda To Confuse People About Global Warming ?

Charles says that he hopes not. He is dedicated to the scientific method and good science. What he is trying to do is get several open-minded groups together. He wants them to listen and join together in order to find policies that will do something about man-made emissions and prevent making people’s lives worse.

What Is The Magic Of Teaching?

If you want to be a good teacher, then by definition it means that some people are not going to understand what you have to teach. Instead of optimizing for quick and easy, you should optimize for giving your students something to learn.

How Did Dave Mc Clure Start Investing In Startups?

After leaving PayPal around 2004, Dave started investing recreationally. After he'd invested in about 13 companies over the next four year, some of them turned into 100M+ exists.

Dave ended up working for Founder's Fund with Peter Thiel and Sean Parker for about 1.5 years, and eventually got together with Christine Tsai to raise their own fund, 500 Startups.

How To Get Sponsored As An Influencer?

Package your product so the dollar value is obvious to your buyer. Many influencers would ask to be sponsored, but that does not mean anything. You have to be succinct and explain what you are doing, where it is going, and what the dollar value the buyer is getting.

How Do I Find The Right Business Idea To Work On?

Launch and iterate fast. Don't waste time coding, or picking the right logo. Just test a bunch of ideas to see which ones have potential with the minimal effort you can.

Gonna Cost You Guys Billions?

it's gonna cost you guys billions to keep me, it's gonna cost you billions to let me go Adidas, you stole my design among other things and I'll give you till Tuesday, not until the seven months that I told you originally I was gonna give you today's the day,

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