How Can I Support Open Knowledge On Smash Notes?

Cryptocurrency is a great way to give

Kirill Zubovsky / July 27th, 2019

Smash Notes is currently an unfunded project by Kirill Zubovsky, started with the goal to make vast amount of incredible insights locked up in podcasts available to the public. If you think knowledge is important, and being able to get insights in science, business, education, and politics is important for the success of our society, consider sending some digital good to these addresses. BTC: 39XEgP4PoYkrGZvQP5eGLXJWRDpLTfiMKZ ETH: 0x10b07E6C2ed782c5CBFDB1c70949a418ED24b30d ZEC: t1bhfpt5JJaUKKuYP9PXWvxKLfKXtttoZwF If you think about the 700k available podcasts, each 1 hour long on average, that's 80 years worth of podcast audio, and definitely more than anyone could possibly listen to in their lifetime. If you would like to talk about the future of knowledge, how to turn podcasts into content superpower, and ways to educate the world through thoughtful and broad knowledge base, let's talk: Thank you, and please subscribe!

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