How To Edit A Podcast Fast

Upfront investment that will save you hours of editing later

Kirill Zubovsky / March 25th, 2020

When I started podcasting, I did not put any money into it. I signed up for Simplecast, got a simple microphone, recorded in GarageBand, and published without any post-processing. It was easy, but the sound was awful. As I got more interested in the craft, I upgraded my microphone, and at some point, even connected with an editor. The sound and quality of the podcast got better, but it started to take unbearable amount of time to edit. Some episodes would wait on the shelf for 6-12 months before I had enough time to process them. Professional podcast studios have a team doing this work for them, but all I had was a team of one. There had to be a middle ground, a solution that delivers great quality audio, and requires very little time. Now that I am two years into podcasting, these are the three proven steps that work. (1) Pick a great microphone. If you microphone is able to cut out the noise and makes your voice sound awesome, that alone will reduce your editing load by 50% or more. Talk and record, that is key. (2) Plan your podcast ahead of time, and edit live. Instead of planning to cut out segments when the episode is done, leave them in. Your true fans would love a few blips, and won't mind some "ah" and "you know." They would gladly take more content, over a more polished content. (3) Instead of adding your pre-roll and post-roll after you have finished recording, just talk through it. Give your guest a stellar introduction, then narrate any new business you have, and dive right in. When the episode is over, say your closing statement, and be done. Optionally, run your podcast through to smooth out the kinks, and to level out the audio quality between you and your guest(s). That's it. A few key steps that will save you hours, and maybe days of editing work on every single podcast episode. Have fun, and remember, the key to a great podcast is enjoyment. Be sure to have fun with it! p.s. Here is how the great Courtland Allen prepare for his episodes. Take note!

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