How To Edit Podcast Audio Without Audacity, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Or Any Other Tools For Audio Engineering.

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Kirill Zubovsky / December 29th, 2019

For nearly two years from the launch the Rad Dad podcast I had struggled with editing. After countless hours of cropping audio, removing pauses, and adjusting strange-looking nobs on my recording software, the audio would still not come out anywhere near the quality I desired. While hiring a professional editor would have enabled me to deliver better audio without doing it myself, I was not in the position to pay someone for editing a show that was not making any revenue. Unable to get the sound just right, I would publish, left wondering what it was I was missing. So long as my content was good, and show entertaining, listeners would be happy, that was how I saw it. Turns out, I was wrong. Professional audio engineering is complicated. For one, to get great at audio engineering, you have to get great at the tools. Some pay for Adobe Audition, coupled with the Reaper plugin, others use Audacity or Garageband, which are both free but complicated and lacking features. Using these applications requires hours upon hours of trial and error to get good at, only to spend even more hours every time there is a new episode waiting to be released. If is is so complicated, should not there be a better way? After researching audio engineering and the needs of a typical podcast production, my co-founder Brand and I created, the fastest audio enhancement tool for podcasters. Brad is a professional podcast editor, producing award winning shows with millions of downloads, and he is using ClipGain every day. It just works! How does ClipGain work? Our algorithms process your audio, looking for disturbances, peaks and valleys, and noise frequencies outsides of the normal recording content. Then, we remove those noises, clear away the hum, normalize loudness, and master your file to be ready for publishing. This turns an average podcast into a professional recording in a matter of seconds. ClipGain is fast, does a great job, and you can get started with it right away, no training required. If you are already a podcast or looking to start a new show, give a try. Better audio helps people to listen longer, and with ClipGain, your audio will sound better, guaranteed.

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