No Connections Enabled For The Client

Auth0 invalid_request error

Kirill Zubovsky / October 4th, 2019

We are rolling out Auth0 as a new authentication module to enable anyone to participate in Smash Notes, and although it's a pretty good system that saved us days, if not weeks, of development time, they have one aspect that is incredibly poorly documented, and is causing a lot of grief. I am making a note here in case other people are getting this error, and are wondering what is going on. error=invalid_request error_description=no connections enabled for the client. If you are getting the following error, it's not you, it's them. You are probably trying to use `Passwordless` authentication, but Auth0 doesn't have a good documentation on how to use their typical auth flow with password less. To fix this, just go to your dashboard ( and navigate to Applications > YOUR_APP > Connections, and add email and/or social as a login option. That it, now you've fixed the problem. Don't ask me how to actually make passwordless work though, I have no idea.

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