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Updated on June 03

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Instant Pot, the multipurpose pressure cooker, is so remarkable that it has spurred an outpouring of enthusiasm from a community of fans around the world. Today, more than 1.8 million “Potheads” of all ages, languages, and backgrounds have joined their Facebook group to share recipes and Instant Pot fandom. Robert and his team opened the group in 2015, imagining it as a space where customers separated by geography could help each other with Instant Pot questions—both connecting superfans and lightening the burden on the company’s customer support team.

Updated on August 06

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It’s very common for people to feel that their ambitions are not big enough and then beat themselves over it. This shouldn’t be the case, because of how big a goal or ambition is a very subjective issue. Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about the fear of doing something insignificant and what to do about it.

Updated on June 02

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David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) joins the podcast. For many people, DHH needs no introduction…but just in case, here is a little background on how David keeps himself busy (apart from fatherhood):

-Invented Ruby on Rails (which powers Twitter, Groupon, AirBnB, and Basecamp among others).
-Founder and CTO at Basecamp
-LeMans driver
-Best selling author

As expected, David brings his energy and passion to the conversation about parenting—a talk which is both opinionated and thought provoking. He shares many of his views, from the “screen time” of his 4-year-old, to which practices promote intrinsic motivation, and why classic reward cycles are completely bogus.

Updated on July 10

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Sahil Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad, a web platform where creators can sell products directly to consumers. He started the company while working at Pinterest in San Francisco, raised venture capital and ascended to the elites, but eventually, changed his trajectory, fired everyone and relocated to a small town in Utah. Why this was the right path for Sahil, and why venture capital is not a fit for everyone, it's all in this episode.

Updated on October 16

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The difference between wealth, money and status. This is the first interview between Naval and Nivi on How to Get Rich.

Updated on May 31

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Have you heard of crossing the chasm, an inevitable jump that every startup has to make? Mike Maples, an investor from Floodgate, explains why startups have to go through this process and how starting small is the only way to get it right.

Updated on February 23

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Being the “face” of a startup can be very intimidating for some founders, which is why a lot of prefer to not approach marketing this way. However, being a public CEO or founder can be a very effective way to market a startup. Today on The Startup Chat, Steli and Hiten talk about whether you should be the face of your company.

Updated on May 29

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Do you want to get inspired? This episode is for you.

Jason Calacanis is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He was one of the early believes in Uber, Calm, Robinhood and many others. He is a host of the show This Week in Startups, and the author of Angel, a founder of,, and a friend to many rich and famous folks in Silicon Valley.

On this episode, Jason shares his views and wisdom, advice that he's accumulated throughout his career, and lessons learned from other successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Jeff Bezos.

Updated on March 24

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