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What is a piece advice to businesses with small success already?

He says for the company to look at where their customers are coming from to utilize a strategy and heighten the customer growth.

How do parents teach their children how to work hard ?

It boils down to what one is interested in. People should strive to work hard towards what they are interested in, to be conscious of opportunities that come from those interests, and understand the work/life balance that works best for them and their personalities.

What is the #1 piece of advice for a new entrepreneur?

Figure out your target customer. Before you start building anything, you need to at least have an idea of who wants your product, where to find them, and how to engage them. If you have all that information, then don't wait, call them and start selling your product!

Jeremy usually declines any potential client that does not have a clue about this target customer.

What is the ultimate goal of Rogue Tech?

No matter what, Jeremy and his partners have a business that they can keep developing and growing as a company. They can either become a super efficient web developer company or branch out and offer a no code platform.

How does Rogue Tech determine pricing?

Jeremy says that pricing is client dependent. Since entrepreneurs and startups do not have a lot of money, they are more price sensitive. He says that when it comes to small businesses, it’s a different price and dynamic.

What is Rogue Tech?

It’s similar to Webflow, but Rogue Tech is more functionality based. In the long run, it’s building a platform for someone building a SaaS website, marketplace, or complex website without coding.

Why are cold in-person meetings better?

Jeremy states that you still have the same reactions as you would from cold calling, but minus the yelling part since you’re in a public setting. You will have a higher chance of someone willing to talk to you in person.

How are work/life balance opportunities different today vs. just a few decades ago?

Previous generations did not have opportunities with the internet like there are today. There are so many mediums and much more accessibility for one to make a living and still be actively engaged in the day-to-day lives of their children.

What did Jeremy do to get people to talk to him whenever he made cold calls?

He says that cold calling is hard, but he found out that most realtors are pretty talkative. He says it’s important to get straight to the point and ask good questions. What’s part of it is that you will get hung up on or yelled at. More often, you will have people talking to you when you offer them help.

What were two problems with the Walkthrough product?

They received feedback from realtors to see if they would use the product. They would, but there were two problems. First, how did they get access to the houses? Second, his company couldn’t call realtors randomly because they may already have the information that they need for a home newly on the market.

What is Walkthrough?

The company did virtual reality for real estate. The product was a way to change how real estate worked by letting you virtually walkthrough a house without visiting the home.

How is having a conversation with someone about a product more effective than a landing page?

Jeremy says that if he’s talking to a person about a product, he is able to be more engaging and straightforward with what he’s selling. If the person isn’t seeking his product, he can further the conversation to find out what it is that the person is wanting and determines if it aligns with what he could create.

How do parents decide what is right for their children?

It is difficult to know. There are aspects of how one was parented that are implemented into their own parenting style. There are other aspects of one's childhood that they may choose to not implement with their own children.

Why doesn’t Jeremy have a landing page?

He says that as soon as he adds a landing page into the mix, he would have to deal with it because it could prompt more problems. He says he could make one, but he’s putting all his assumptions into the site.

Can you measure the first year of success for a business?

The host received an opinionated comment about Jeremy’s company. The person thinks that Jeremy’s first revenue year is far from successful. Jeremey does not believe that there is a success metric because you have to find your own.

If you could go back, what would you say to your younger self about a failed startup?

Jeremy would tell himself to start talking to people within his space to build up a community. It’s important to get to know people while you’re building your product. Don’t make a product for yourself, but for others since they are an important part of the equation.

What are the two problems in a company?

To create a product and grow it is one problem. The other is to deliver it to your customers. At the end of the day, you need to have solutions for both problems in order to grow a company.

What has Jeremy learned from his first failed startup?

He has been working with his co-founder for 10 years now, and they both are technical people. For them, focusing intently on creating the product was awesome for them. The problem was, they didn’t take the time to invest in sales and marketing.

Who is Jeremy Thiessen?

Jeremy Thiessen is an entrepreneur. In his early journey, his first company failed because he wasn’t able to grow it fast enough. Since then, he has been involved in numerous companies and has learned from his first failure. He is currently running Rogue Technologies.

How does one channel life experience into their children ?

It is hard to find a balance of career and parenthood. It is important to instill the idea of not giving up in children. They need the grit to handle the outside world.

How did selling a business and then having a baby impact life overall?

It was a wakeup call. Things are put into perspective when you are looking through the eyes of a child and the responsibility of raising them.

Who did Jason sell his WordPress theme business to?

He sold to a custom WordPress theme agency. This agency captured the need of customers looking for themes and those developing them.

What is important to keep in mind when starting a business and experiencing a great deal of financial success?

Don't become too wrapped up in the excitement. Utilize some of the freedom with starting a business to enjoy things that bring joy - travel, spend time with loved ones, etc. Don't always make the business the ultimate priority.

What impacts did starting a business as a husband and wife team have?

It strengthened Jason & his wife's relationship because they could both pursue things they wanted to - something that was not 9 to 5 office-related. It allowed them to live differently in a way they wanted to.

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