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How should dads think about scheduling their paternity leave?

Anthony recommends breaking your leave into chunk and not necessarily taking it all upfront.

In their case, Natalie's parents were going to be around to support mom and the baby, so it did not make sense for Anthony to also take time off. Instead, Anthony planned to take a little bit of paternity leave at the beginning, and then more in the later months.

How did Funsize founders prepare their personal life for the birth of their child?

They bought an investment house that could generate passive income, and hired Natalie's parents to be their full-time help. This way the grandparents would feel better about spending quite a lot of time with their grandkid, and the child would have the best care (family) that he could get.

What did Ant and Nat do to prepare their business for the birth of their child?

Anthony and Natalie, being the co-founders and partners at Funsize, knew they had to prepare the business for the time when they would be unavailable, while attending to their new baby. They needed to make sure the company could run without them, indefinitely.

They started by clearly defining all roles and responsibilities, growing their company and building a leadership team in the process, figuring out the growth plan, and putting other people in charge of their own tasks.

Anthony also mentioned that having a great CFO was crucial to knowing they would not run out of money.

What positives post-baby changes was Anthony looking forward to?

"I am excited about changes in my life. I think that it would be good for me as a human being to be healthy personally and to be a good husband and to be a good leader. I think going to bed earlier and waking up earlier in general would be life-changed for me. I think having more responsibility outside of work and becoming less one dimensional, where work would not be the most important thing in the world, that's very healthy."

What was Anthony's expectation for the role of their child in their life?

Before having their first baby, Natalie, Anthony's wife, was the most important thing in his life, and Anthony was worried that baby would mess things up. They were hoping to rectify this by making sure that this new baby was going to be integrated into their life, as opposed to them complying to the needs of the baby.

What is the acceptable amount of falls, cuts or scrapes a family can expect without having to freak out?

Little kids are flexible and generally are pretty good at not getting hurt. Once in a while they will get hurt, but they seem okay shortly after. Kids are supposed to experience scratches and bruises, it's part of growing up.

How would Anthony change their paternity policy now that he understands parenting first-hand?

"Oh, my God, I would double or triple it.

It felt like we created something that was pretty good for a small family owned business. But even at that, it was just not enough, especially for moms. I mean, watching Natalie go through what she went through, they're just super heroes!

Of course, it's hard because, you know, if you're if you're a heavily funded tech company, maybe you can give people six or nine months leave, but when you are client services company and you're depending on creating for your clients, it is a lot harder.

I think people everywhere should just be given more time for their kids, but if they cannot, maternity and paternity program at least need to be flexible, letting people choose when to take their time off, and to take it in chunks.

Mother, mothers should really should be given a proper time off and proper flexibility." ~ Armendariz.

What is the upside of being a business owner when raising a child?

A business owner has the the luxury of taking off as much time as they want and still make a paycheck. They can work from home, whenever, and to make their own rules. Overall, having a profitable business allows the owners to design their future; it's a very lucky position to be in.

Why was Anthony so scared about having a child?

He's spent decades working on growing his business, and being very selfish in a sense that he, Natalie, and their business were a priority. A child would sure demand to be priority number one, and Anthony was not sure if he would be able to accomodate.

Who is Anthony Armendariz?

Anthony is a co-founder and partner at Funsize, a creative design agency, which he started with his wife, Natalie. They spend years been laser focused on business, working day in and day out to make sure their business can now account Facebook, Oracle, Adobe, EA, AT&T and many others among their successful customers.

What did it feel like to build WordPress in the early days?

It was fun. Matt was doing everything, from full-stack development to customer support, to marketing and forum/blog updates. He was doing it part-time, while going to school, alongside with volunteers. His friends became early users, and channeled their feedback directly to Matt.

What catalyzed Matts desire to actually start writing WordPress in PHP?

At the time, Matt was programming mostly in Pearl, a little bit in Python, but when he came across how PHP worked, he really wanted to dive in more. It was a language that was easy to read and to understand. Matt started looking for a blogging software, written in PHP.

How does WordPress handle moderation?

By default, WordPress comments require moderation the first time that someone leaves a new comment; after that, they go right through. This is a good balance that keeps the comments coming, but also ensures civility in conversation.

How are blogs different from social networks?

Blogs is a space where the blog owners invite a community for a conversation, and the conversations that happens in the comments is the key to making blog's what they are.

How did Matt Mullenweg get his initial WordPress users?

Matt used to read a lot of blogs, and seeing a lot of spam on those blogs, he would reach out to the owners and proposed to help them switch over to WordPress instead.

How did WordPress start?

Matt and an another developer who were contributing to the original open source project got together on an online forum and decided to work on it under the name WordPress.

How did Jonathan take a risk and apply growth mindset when starting Geekwire?

Starting a media company in Seattle was not an obvious startup, but it felt right. Jonathan knew that Seattle needed a company that would champion local startup ecosystem, the cost to try it out was relatively cheap, and there was an endless stream of ways to monetize this business.

Asian households are notorious for showing lack of emotion. How will Jonathan raise his son?

Affection is important. Whether you use words of affection or acts of kindness, your kids need to know that. In today's day and age, that's especially helpful to normalize this behavior for boys and let them know that showing emotions and affection is a good thing.

What is the difference between being an employee of a big company and being a founder of a startup?

Big companies are set up to optimize individual's performance. All you have to do is to be good at one thing, and the company will support you being the best at that one thing. Startups require entrepreneurs to be extremely self sufficient and to take on all the responsibility.

What are the top qualities of a successful entrepreneur ?

Decisiveness (or stupidity) and the ability to move fast without fretting over decisions. Commitment to a path, where you spend vast majority of energy and resources. Also, ability to work independently, without any outside support, but all of the responsibility.

What is the meaning of the American Dream?

Jonathan says that the "American Dream" is all about attaining the feeling of satisfaction that comes through achieving success on your own.

What are the steps in tackling cloud cost optimization?

Basecamp team started by looking at the legacy apps and comparing real traffic to their forecasts. It turned out that by re-planning their spent , and taking advantage of AWS prepaid instances, they were able to save 250k out of $500k they were putting into legacy systems. After that, they wrote some tools to display what they were spending and where, and the team looked for sudden increases. Lots of charges were not obvious, and they had to go through AWS documentation’s and pricing charts to figure out what each line item was for. It was very time consuming, but at the end, Blake and team were able to save ~20% of their cloud storage bill.

What are the downsides of hosting a website on the cloud?

Modern websites might not cost a lot to host on the cloud until they explode in popularity, when services that used to be cheap end up consuming a ton, and overall costs blow up without you noticing.

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