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May 05, 2020

Intentional fatherhood while living a life of purpose. Hosted by Mike Sudyk. www.2centdad.com

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Despite what they tell you, the world is a Zero Sum game. That is what Jason Calacanis, a notable angel investor, would make you think. Do you believe him? Jason went from broke to a millionaire, so he knows a thing or two about surviving. Now he is raising his kids to outperform against their peers. How? Take a look at the Smash Notes below and you will find out!

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Darius Monsef (aka "bubs") joins the podcast today. I think that the way Darius would want to be described in this bio would be in the following order...

Lover of his wife (THE one).Lover of his children.Entrepreneur.CEO of Brave Care.

He is a very unique guy that has done a lot, including creating and driving, a real life Lightning McQueen car to visit kids at children's hospitals.

Updated on May 01

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Kirill is the host of the Rad Dad Podcast

Updated on May 24

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Ryan Deiss joins the podcast. He is the founder of Digital Marketer.

Updated on July 19

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Aaron Ross joins us for his second interview on the podcast. Aaron is a father of nine children, an author, a businessman, and speaker. In our conversation, Aaron talks about adaptability is essential to everyday life, but also how he uses systems to contain the chaos.

Updated on July 18

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David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) joins the podcast. For many people, DHH needs no introduction…but just in case, here is a little background on how David keeps himself busy (apart from fatherhood):

-Invented Ruby on Rails (which powers Twitter, Groupon, AirBnB, and Basecamp among others).
-Founder and CTO at Basecamp
-LeMans driver
-Best selling author

As expected, David brings his energy and passion to the conversation about parenting—a talk which is both opinionated and thought provoking. He shares many of his views, from the “screen time” of his 4-year-old, to which practices promote intrinsic motivation, and why classic reward cycles are completely bogus.

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Aaron Ross; author, entrepreneur, speaker and father is the special guest today.


Updated on June 28

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Steli Efti, the Founder and CEO of Close.com

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Jim Sheils came up with a nifty idea to combine a basic business concept with family life...and The Family Board Meeting was born. Jim joins the podcast to talk about how he uses business practices to enrich his relationships with his children, and teaches them essential life skills often overlooked in traditional education. 

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JD Graffam gets real on today's podcast. Father of three and multiple business owner, JD shares about the profound impact therapy has had on his life, and helped him manage the anxiety that follows him through his entrepreneurial life.

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From kite boarding to board meetings, there seems to be no activity that Dan Martell won't include his kids. Multiple entrepreneur and Celebrity of SaaS, Dan shares his entrepreneurial journey (spoiler, it doesn't start out easy) and some of the many ways his kids are his world and his wife is his best friend. 

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Today’s guests are husband and wife Rob and Sherry Walling. Collectively, the couple has started multiple businesses, podcasts, and written several books. In this episode, Rob and Sherry talk about the stresses of entrepreneurship and parenthood, and what resources you need to maintain wellness throughout the ups and downs of business and family life.

Rob's 2 Cents

I reached out to a couple friends and started doing a Skype Mastermind. All it was was the three of us talking once a week—I believe it was once a week it might have been every other week—for 90 minutes. Each person took 30 minutes and said hey this is what I’m up to, this is what I’m struggling with. Most of the time it was about business but some of the time it was about emotional things, like man I’ve got to fire two people this week and somebody quit on me

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Nathan Barry is the founder of ConvertKit, a super successful email marketing software company, but the road to success hasn’t been an easy one. Nathan shares how his family’s money struggles growing up instilled in him a sense of resourcefulness, and how he’s passing on those lessons to his kids. Nathan also talks about how his support systems have gotten him through troubled times.

Nathan's 2 Cents:

If you build into kids a desire to learn and a desire to create, that's really important.

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Minimalist Joshua Becker joins the podcast. He is a blogger and author of numerous books on how to life with less.
He can be found at http://www.becomingminimalist.com

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Ash Maurya is founder and speaker, and author of the books Running Lean and Scaling Lean. We discuss his kids’ Montessori education, and how he borrows those same principles for his professional work.

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Peter Awad of the Slow Hustle podcast joins us today. Peter’s mission and goals are similar to the 2 Cent Dad podcast in his focus on family and business and life’s mission.

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Hiten Shah


Link's to Hiten

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Bob Moesta


Links to Bob

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Best selling author Alfie Kohn joins the podcast


Alfie's personal site
Wikipedia page

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Ruben Gamez is the founder of online proposal software BidSketch. We explore his work habits since starting his own business and "the resistance" which is a concept introduced by Steve Pressfield in his book The War of Art.

Ruben's 2 Cents...
Parenthood is like practice and every opportunity with your children is an opportunity to practice and get better

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Ben Toalson joins the podcast. If he sounds like a legit podcaster, it is because he is...he is on the Seanwes podcast as well as a podcast on parenting that he does with his wife.

A designer by trade he shares the journey that took him to full time design freelancing and tons of nuggets along the way.

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Soam Lall, the founder of Kinnecting the app that can be summed up as the Tinder for parents.

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What does “passion” mean to you? Perhaps you’ve spent countless energy chasing a passion or you are searching for your one passion in life. Well I think that way of thinking is a path of destruction and we need to model another approach to our children. We need to teach them what it means to live with passion not waste our lives obsessively chasing a single passion. We need to model a passion for the journey not the destination. This is an imperative if we are going to raise children that are happy, fulfilled and a positive influence to the world around them

full post at https://getconnectdad.com/2016/06/21/be-passionate-2/

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Jason Fried the founder of Basecamp and NYT Best Selling author of Rework and Remote talks about freaking out when he became a father and why it should not be taboo.

As a well known figure and thought leader in the business and tech universes, and most importantly as a guy that always seems cool and collected, it is fun to hear his humble take on parenting. He admittedly freaked out and was nervous for the first weeks and recalls learning a side of himself that he didn't even know (in a good way).

Jason is adamant about telling new fathers that the first weeks will "punch you in the face" and you may not connect with your new child immediately, thats OK, it's normal. It takes some time, so don't feel like you have to fake it. Hearing him preach this advice hit home for me, as I assume it will for most new fathers. It is important to realize that silence in these situations is detrimental. Speak up and share the things you learn, we are all in this together.

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Anders Thue Pedersen is the founder of TimeBlock a web app that focuses on getting teams into the state of Flow, which many people might call “in the zone”, the process of breaking down work into chunks and focusing on doing one thing at a time. A powerful concept that applies at work and with your family.

Anders' 2 Cents...
Getting in a state of “flow” or cognitive deep work is a skill that you cannot learn but is a very valuable skill that will put you in the top 1% of whatever you are doing


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Tom Rossi a serial software entrepreneur joins the podcast. His resume includes...
-founded the software consultancy Capernaum in 1996
-co-founder of Higher Pixels
-co-founder StreamCare
He shares true words of wisdom from his time in the trenches.

Tom's 2 Cents...
"entrepreneurs talk about their business like it is their child but really it is more like a wild stallion and it will run away with your life and it will take everything you give it"

resources mentioned
-Maverick (book) by Ricardo Semler
-Punished By Rewards (book) by Alfie Kohn
-The Lean Startup (book) by Eric Ries

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Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income is on the show. Pat not only is a genius at online business, it turns out he is a pretty swell father. He was working as an architect when in 2008 he got laid off and had to figure out how to make ends meet. What started as selling a guide for passing the LEED exam for architects turned into an online empire bringing in over $150,000 per month. His story is pretty unreal but it is encouraging to hear the very practical things that he does with his children and how he admits that he is not perfect and he fails as a father but he is always looking to get better.

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Quick tip for boosting your toddler's confidence.

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Nate Kontny has been through Y Combinator twice, worked for the Obama re-election campaign in 2012 and now runs two companies, Draft which is a tool that offers version control and collaboration for writers and the CRM Highrise.

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Anthony Eden is on the podcast today. He has been running DNSimple since 2010, which helps entrepreneurs with Domain Name Services. As a father of 15yr old triplets (and a 7yr old) he’s been forced to become efficient at managing his business and time with his family. He talks about raising a family while doing extensive travel as well as the practice of having his kids to do internships at local companies to broaden their exposure to work and careers. A native of Florida, he currently lives in France with his family.

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David Cancel is a 5X founder, former CPO at Hubspot and currently the CEO of Drift. Wonder how he does it while having two young children? Well it's not balance thats for sure, he is not a believer in balance. Oh yeah, he wakes up at 5:30am, rarely travels and brings his family into his office on occasion. David brings some ultra practical advice on founding companies and being an intentional father.

You can also find David dropping knowledge on his business podcast over at SeekingWisdom

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Legendary designer Marc Hemeon joins us and offers a very honest and personal look into his experience of attempting to balance startups and family. Marc has been in the startup/tech game since the 90's including stints at YouTube, Google's self driving car project, and most recently founding Design Inc. As a father of 3 and having a marriage of 17 years, he's seen the ups and downs and offers some very very practical advice. It was refreshing to hear him speak so bluntly on the work that it takes to guard your family and your marriage while doing work you care about.

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Dave Hoover of DevBootCamp joins us to talk about his journey from being a professional family therapist to becoming a software developer and eventually teaching software development. He shares insights on working for a smaller company, work travel and trying to budget unplugged time devoted to family.

Notable Links
Dave’s book Apprenticeship Patterns
Sharith Bishay of DevBootCamp
Jeff Casimir of Turing.io (Jeff's interview on the podcast)

Dave’s Last Word of advice
Budget a block of time that you are unplugged and offline to be fully

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Aaron runs a blog/podcast called Work Life Play, having spent a career in sales and marketing he talks about his 22 years of marriage and the keys to success.

On a recent business trip to Spain he spent time with the family of a co-worker and got a fresh dose of perspective on how he was living his life. Having spent a season “living on fumes” he returned from the trip and immediately began a life reboot. He shares the story of this and his philosophy on life and weaving work together with life and play to create a life that is intentional.

A very transparent conversation from a guy that has gone through the trenches and seen maybe life changes. Aaron shares honest feedback and insights that come from first hand experience and have shaped his life, great insight of those of us earlier on in the journey.

Aaron’s Last Word of advice
The point is to be with your children, everything else is not even on the list.

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Jeff Casimir had aspirations of getting a Computer Science degree and working for a few years and retiring by 30 (based on sound logic in the height of the dot com boom). His world got changed quite a bit after going through school and being pulled toward Teach For America. He has since followed a career in teaching, currently running Turing School of Software in Denver Colorado. He has little patience for lazy students and that is an attitude he also has with his children.

In the episode we talk about tech culture, government and raising children in a way that gives them perspective to the struggles of others. Jeff has some strong opinions on things particularly when it comes to parenting, his energy and passion are contagious.

Notable Links
Restorative Justice - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restorative_justice

How Jeff Brings Home the Bacon
big cheese at Turing School of Software & Design (www.turing.io)

Jeff’s Last Words of advice
Chill out! Kids are tougher and smarter than we give them credit for, sometimes we need them to need us. Just pay attention and chill out.

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Michael found himself being laid off in the wake of 9/11 and started his own business and started to homeschool his children. He then began to realize that his house was the biggest thing that was holding his family back. That was when they bought an RV and went for a 1 year trip that turned into a 5 year journey (so far…)

He shares a unique look into what it is like to be part of the community of families living full time on the road from an RV. His desire is to build communities of families that are purposely living life based on their values and not living according to “formulas”. The philosophy that has driven his path has been intentionality in what he does with his family and not being envious of the path not taken.

Some Notable Things
Mike’s Tribe of unique families https://ditchingsuburbia.com/
Workbench moment - Live intentionally to avoid ending up somewhere

Home Mike brings home the bacon
Boyink Interactive http://boyink.com/
Train-EE http://www.train-ee.com/

Mike’s Last Word of advice
Ask yourself, does the life you are building really align with what you want to do?

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Kicking off the first episode of the 2centdad podcast I talk with my friend Allan Branch about his experiences raising his two children while running a software company in Florida. His desires to invest in his kids

We cover topics of homeschooling, keeping up with the Joneses, and his desires to travel the world on a boat with his family while teaching his kids how to be curious. Allan has a unique perspective on how curiosity is the key to education and lifetime learning while weaving that into everything that he does with his children. He has an 8 year old and a 6 year old.

Some notable mentions in the show
Party Lines - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_line_(telephony)
Full Time RVing family - http://ditchingsuburbia.com
Full Time Sailing family - http://www.voyagingwithkids.com http://www.sailingtotem.com
Derek Sivers - https://sivers.org/
AJ Leon - http://aj-leon.com/pursuitofeverything/the-life-and-times-of-a-remarkable-misfits/
Seth Godin - http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/
Give Camp Grand Rapids MI - http://grgivecamp.org

How Allan brings home the bacon

Huge Takeaway
Learning comes down to being curious and using any opportunity you can to teach your kids.

Allan’s last word: Kids will send you to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

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