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2 Cent Dad Podcast on Smash Notes

2 Cent Dad Podcast podcast.

May 05, 2020

Intentional fatherhood while living a life of purpose. Hosted by Mike Sudyk. www.2centdad.com

Episodes with Smash Notes

Education is being disrupted. Jeremy Tate spent his early years in public education and is now part of the remaking of education in the USA. We talk about how we got to where we are and where education may be headed.

Tex joins us to talk about re-igniting his marriage through a return to more "traditional" roles. Hitting on the "dom/sub" relationship he has with his wife and his journey to help young men lead better.

If one of your employees or team members came to you and said they were feeling overwhelmed and overworked, needing a break, what would you do? Like any great leader you would listen to what they were going through and likely give them the time they neede

Have you ever thought to yourself "am I burning out?", then that means you already are on your way (according to Sean McCabe).

Sean (known to most as seanwes) talks about burnout from very real experience, having reached max burnout running his compan

Summary High education is in crisis. Student debt in the USA is now past $1.6 Trillion and many students are coming out ill-equipped as well as disillusioned. Josh Sabo is trying to help students caught up in this. He is the founder of a non-profit calle

Ryan Seamons is a father of 5, the founder or Groove, and also a friend. They make physical products to help people have meaningful conversations about work and their careers. So much of that carries over to life at home and how we think about the paths t

As a father of four children with an entrepreneurial wife who worked almost every Saturday, Justin quickly found himself alone, overwhelmed and outnumbered on Saturdays. He woke up one Saturday ready to make a change and armed with a game plan to engage m

Tyler is a ball of energy and has a ton of wisdom to shore through struggles in his marriage and life. A "normal guy" in many way which makes him approachable but very abnormal in the way he approaches life and the energy that he brings. Find Tyler on twi

Zac Small runs a mastermind group for men called Fraternity of Excellence. He is helping men become the best versions of themselves and lead their family well. He shares a bit about what the group is and why it is needed.

Struggling is essential to learning. We know this intuitively but it’s easy to forget with kids. It’s also a careful balance of letting our kids struggle while offering them just enough guidance in the process. The topic of struggling moments is what toda

I had a lengthy chat with my buddy Kalen Jordan. We covered topics on marriage, homeschooling, to the pandemic. It was for his podcast but I wanted to share the audio with this channel as well. Enjoy!

John Beede, a legendary mountain climber (and dad) joins me on the podcast to talk about his journey up Mount Everest and the discoveries made during the journey that influence young men today.