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2 Cent Dad Podcast on Smash Notes

2 Cent Dad Podcast podcast.

May 05, 2020

Intentional fatherhood while living a life of purpose. Hosted by Mike Sudyk.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Austen wasn't happy with school, there wasn't something that quite fit him and he saw a lot of options that weren't practical for a 18-22 year old. He saw a huge gap in education, but also in the ever changing landscape oof education. That is where Lambda school was born. Austen talks about what it is like being a dad while building and education system that is ever changing and growing.

Tanner joins me on the podcast to talk about why being a fashionable dad actually matters. I was skeptical at first, but after listening to Tanner shed light on the topic I get it. Being a fashionable dad not only helps you look and feel better but also helps your kids, family, and friends see that you are intentionally making an effort to work to become the better version of yourself.

What is the future of education? Interested in homeschool? These are some of the topics we cover with Ryan Delk.

Ryan Delk is the founder and CEO of Primer ( Ryan can be found on twitter at

Ed Latimore talks masculinity and the current state of mental toughness. Ed is a former professional boxer and writer. He can be found on twitter at His website is

Steli Efti, the Founder and CEO of

Aaron Ross joins us for his second interview on the podcast. Aaron is a father of nine children, an author, a businessman, and speaker. In our conversation, Aaron talks about adaptability is essential to everyday life, but also how he uses systems to contain the chaos.

Updated on July 18

Jim Sheils came up with a nifty idea to combine a basic business concept with family life...and The Family Board Meeting was born. Jim joins the podcast to talk about how he uses business practices to enrich his relationships with his children, and teaches them essential life skills often overlooked in traditional education. 

JD Graffam gets real on today's podcast. Father of three and multiple business owner, JD shares about the profound impact therapy has had on his life, and helped him manage the anxiety that follows him through his entrepreneurial life.

From kite boarding to board meetings, there seems to be no activity that Dan Martell won't include his kids. Multiple entrepreneur and Celebrity of SaaS, Dan shares his entrepreneurial journey (spoiler, it doesn't start out easy) and some of the many ways his kids are his world and his wife is his best friend. 

Today’s guests are husband and wife Rob and Sherry Walling. Collectively, the couple has started multiple businesses, podcasts, and written several books. In this episode, Rob and Sherry talk about the stresses of entrepreneurship and parenthood, and what resources you need to maintain wellness throughout the ups and downs of business and family life.

Rob's 2 Cents

I reached out to a couple friends and started doing a Skype Mastermind. All it was was the three of us talking once a week—I believe it was once a week it might have been every other week—for 90 minutes. Each person took 30 minutes and said hey this is what I’m up to, this is what I’m struggling with. Most of the time it was about business but some of the time it was about emotional things, like man I’ve got to fire two people this week and somebody quit on me

Nathan Barry is the founder of ConvertKit, a super successful email marketing software company, but the road to success hasn’t been an easy one. Nathan shares how his family’s money struggles growing up instilled in him a sense of resourcefulness, and how he’s passing on those lessons to his kids. Nathan also talks about how his support systems have gotten him through troubled times.

Nathan's 2 Cents:

If you build into kids a desire to learn and a desire to create, that's really important.

Kirill is the host of the Rad Dad Podcast

Updated on June 11