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Aaron Mc Hugh Of Work, Life, Play On The 2 Cent Dad Podcast

Aaron runs a blog/podcast called Work Life Play, having spent a career in sales and marketing he talks about his 22 years of marriage and the keys to success.

On a recent business trip to Spain he spent time with the family of a co-worker and got a fresh dose of perspective on how he was living his life. Having spent a season “living on fumes” he returned from the trip and immediately began a life reboot. He shares the story of this and his philosophy on life and weaving work together with life and play to create a life that is intentional.

A very transparent conversation from a guy that has gone through the trenches and seen maybe life changes. Aaron shares honest feedback and insights that come from first hand experience and have shaped his life, great insight of those of us earlier on in the journey.

Aaron’s Last Word of advice The point is to be with your children, everything else is not even on the list.


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