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Jeff Casimir From Turing School On The 2 Cent Dad Podcast

Jeff Casimir had aspirations of getting a Computer Science degree and working for a few years and retiring by 30 (based on sound logic in the height of the dot com boom). His world got changed quite a bit after going through school and being pulled toward Teach For America. He has since followed a career in teaching, currently running Turing School of Software in Denver Colorado. He has little patience for lazy students and that is an attitude he also has with his children.

In the episode we talk about tech culture, government and raising children in a way that gives them perspective to the struggles of others. Jeff has some strong opinions on things particularly when it comes to parenting, his energy and passion are contagious.

Notable Links
Restorative Justice -

How Jeff Brings Home the Bacon
big cheese at Turing School of Software & Design (

Jeff’s Last Words of advice
Chill out! Kids are tougher and smarter than we give them credit for, sometimes we need them to need us. Just pay attention and chill out.


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