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Rob And Sherry Walling

Today’s guests are husband and wife Rob and Sherry Walling. Collectively, the couple has started multiple businesses, podcasts, and written several books. In this episode, Rob and Sherry talk about the stresses of entrepreneurship and parenthood, and what resources you need to maintain wellness throughout the ups and downs of business and family life.

Rob's 2 Cents

I reached out to a couple friends and started doing a Skype Mastermind. All it was was the three of us talking once a week—I believe it was once a week it might have been every other week—for 90 minutes. Each person took 30 minutes and said hey this is what I’m up to, this is what I’m struggling with. Most of the time it was about business but some of the time it was about emotional things, like man I’ve got to fire two people this week and somebody quit on me


Key Smash Notes In This Episode

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