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A Healthy Dose on Smash Notes

A Healthy Dose podcast.

December 28, 2019

Episodes with Smash Notes

Bob Kocher, MD, a Partner at Venrock focusing on healthcare IT and services investments, joins Trevor and Steve on AHD.

In the tenth episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve talk with Donny Tuchman, CEO of Cobble Hill LifeCare.

In the ninth episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve talk with David Shulkin, the Ninth Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In the eighth episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve talk with Governor Gina Raimondo, the Governor of Rhode Island.

In the seventh episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve talk with Kevin Tabb, President and Chief Executive Officer at Beth Israel Lahey Health.

In the sixth episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve talk with Stephen Rosenthal, Senior Vice President of Population Health Management at Montefiore Health System.

In the fifth episode of the ‘A Healthy Dose’ Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve chat with Celine Gounder, a medical doctor and medical journalist who specializes in infectious disease and global health.

In the fourth episode of the Covid Crisis miniseries, Steve and Trevor sit down with Mudit Garg, Founder & CEO of Qventus, and Karyn Baum, VP of System Clinical Operations at Fairview Health Services.

In the third episode of the Covid Crisis series, Steve and Trevor sit down with Russ Glass, CEO of Ginger, to discuss the effect COVID-19 is playing on mental health and how Ginger is stepping up to make sure our frontline healthcare workers have access to the mental health services they need.

In the second episode of the Covid Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve speak with Lonny Reisman and Lori Bernstein, Co-Founders of HealthReveal.

In the inaugural episode of the COVID-19 Crisis miniseries, Trevor and Steve chat with Andy Slavitt, former Head of CMS under President Obama and current Founder & General Partner at Town Hall Ventures.

Trevor and Steve sit down with Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst.

Peter Fleischut, Chief Transformation Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian, joins Trevor and Steve on AHD.

Trevor and Steve chat with Nancy Ham, CEO of WebPT, during the 2020 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Trevor and Steve sit down with healthcare legend Tom Scully, General Partner at WCAS and former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and President and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals.

Trevor and Steve speak with Dr. Jaewon Ryu, Geisinger’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Trevor and Steve chat with Ravi Sachdev, Partner at Clayton, Dubilier & Rice.

In this episode, Trevor and Steve sit down with Dan Brillman and Taylor Justice, co-founders of Unite Us.

Live from HLTH 2019 in Las Vegas, Trevor and Steve chat with Adam Boehler, Chief Executive Officer of the United States International Development Finance Corporation.

Trevor and Steve sit down with Kate Ryder, Founder and CEO of Maven, the digital clinic for women.

Steve and Trevor catch up with 'Man of Mystery' and CEO of Galileo, Tom Lee.

On this episode, Trevor and Steve highlight some of their favorite past guests, give a sneak peak of the upcoming season and talk about their summer vacations and honey bee farms.

Live from Oxeon's 2019 company offsite in Boston, Trevor and Steve chat with Rebecca Onie and Rocco Perla, Co-Founders of The Health Initiative.

Steve and Trevor host a Healthcare Enterprise Sales Panel with Mark Briggs, Renee DeSilva and Steve Kahane.

A super powerful episode on mental health with guests Patrick Kennedy and David Wennberg, Quartet Health.

Trevor and Steve sit down with Andrew Dreyfus, President and Chief Executive Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, one of the largest independent, not-for-profit Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in the country serving nearly 3 million members.

In this episode, Steve and Trevor sit down with Alexi Nazem, Co-founder and CEO of Nomad Health.

Steve and Trevor sit down with Gabe Otte and Riley Ennis, co-founders at Freenome, to discuss how they plan to cure cancer.

This week on A Healthy Dose, listen to Robb Vorhoff, Head of Healthcare at General Atlantic, sound off on global trends in healthcare.

Steve and Trevor kickoff the 25th Annual Wharton Healthcare Business Conference by moderating a CEO Roundtable with guests Rushika Fernandopulle (CEO of Iora Health), Jaewon Ryu (CEO of Geisinger), and Shoshanah Brown (CEO of AIRnyc).

Richard Park, CEO of CityMD, joins Trevor and Steve on this episode to discuss how he provides immediate and affordable care to people of all ages and incomes.

Making Trevor and Steve feel completely inadequate, Walt Cooper joins the podcast to talk about his journey- graduating first in class at West Point, attending Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, serving 14 years as a U.S. Army Green Beret, working for the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the country's largest healthcare system and now doing extraordinary work in developing therapies and treatments for Autism at Cortica.

In this episode, Trevor and Steve sit down with Toyin Ajayi, Chief Health Officer at Cityblock Health.

Gary Gottlieb, CEO of Partners In Health, joins Steve and Trevor on this episode of A Healthy Dose.

In this episode, Trevor and Steve discuss entrepreneurship and mission with Ellie Stang, CEO of ProgenyHealth.

Steve and Trevor host a news panel at DHIS discussing the biggest healthcare events of 2018 with Kyle Armbrester- CEO of Signify Health, Matt Holt- Managing Director at New Mountain Capital, Chrissy Farr- Reporter at CNBC and Robert Mittendorf- Partner at Norwest Venture Partners.

In this episode, Steve and Trevor sit down with A.G. Breitenstein, Partner at Optum Ventures.

In this podcast, Steve and Trevor sit down with Amir Dan Rubin, President & Chief Executive Officer of One Medical Group.

In this episode, Trevor and Steve sit down with Alex Drane, Co-Founder, Eliza Corporation and Marcus Osborne, VP, Health & Wellness Transformation at Walmart.

Rajeev Singh, CEO of Accolade, sits down to chat with Trevor and Steve.

On this episode, Trevor and Steve chat with Doug Hirsch, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of GoodRx.

In this episode, Steve and Trevor sit down with Lisa Suennen, Senior Managing Director of Healthcare at GE Ventures.

Live at HLTH, Trevor and Steve host a Unicorn Panel with Frank Williams, Anne Wojcicki and Jonathan Bush.

In this episode, Trevor and Steve sit down with Mo Makhzoumi, General Partner and head of NEA’s Healthcare Services and Healthcare Information Technology investment practice.

In this episode Trevor and Steve talk about the emerging field of digital therapeutics with Eddie Martucci of Akilii Interactive, Jeremy Sohn of Novartis, and Corey McCann of Pear Therapeutics.

Trevor and Steve talk with Stephanie Tilenius, CEO and Co-Founder of Vida.

Trevor and Steve talk with Patrick Conway, President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Trevor and Steve talk to the one and only Jonathan Bush of athenahealth.

In this episode, Steve and Trevor talk with Chaim Indig, CEO of Phreesia.

Trevor and Steve kick off 2018 with the second edition of their JP Morgan Healthcare Conference recap.

Steve and Trevor recap the first year of A Healthy Dose

Steve and Trevor talk with Annie Lamont, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Oak HC/FC and one of the best investors in health care.

Recorded live at the 2017 Harvard Business School health care conference.

Trevor and Steve travel up to Lebanon, New Hampshire to talk to three people recovering from addictions to opioids.

Trevor and Steve talk to Jeff DeFlavio, the founding CEO of Groups, a "community of physicians, counselors and recovering opiate users whom you can rely on for affordable and convenient help."

Trevor and Steve talk to Paul Roscoe, CEO of Docent Health.

Trevor and Steve talk to the legendary Charlie Martin.

Trevor and Steve sit down with Owen Tripp, Co-Founder and CEO of Grand Rounds.

Welcome back! After a few weeks off Trevor and Steve sit down with one of their favorite leaders Bright Health's Bob Sheehy.

Trevor and Steve talk with Lou Shapiro, CEO of the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Trevor and Steve talk to Flatiron C0-Founder and CEO Nat Turner about healthcare... and snakes.

In the first live episode ever, Steve and Trevor gather healthcare leaders for news roundup at the 2017 Leerink Healthcare IT conference in Chatham, Massachusetts. The team gets Ravi Sachdev, Partner at Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Carl Byers, Executive Partner at F-Prime Capital, Robin Heffernan, Co-Founder & CEO of Circulation, and Tim Murphy, President & CEO of Beacon Health Options to review broad healthcare trends in reflection of the first half of 2017.

Jason Gorevic joined Teladoc as CEO in 2009 at a time when the company was seriously struggling in the midst of the nationwide financial crisis. Since then, Teladoc has conducted over 2.5 million telehealth visits and is viewed as one of the first digital health companies that has “made it”. In this episode, Jason, Steven, and Trevor discuss the challenges of engaging consumers in a revolutionary B2B2C digital healthcare company. Jason talks about his experience entering the digital health world and the challenges he overcame to bring Teladoc to the successful company it is today.

Rushika Fernandopulle, CEO of Iora Health, discusses how his desire to fix the "stupid system" that is healthcare led to the creation of Iora health and lets us in on what he believes is the secret to better patient care: empathy. He shares the lessons he has learned as a trailblazing entrepreneur and explains how he sought to turn traditional patient care on its head by transforming a transactional system into one based on relationships. Trevor, Steve, Rushika, and Iora's CFO Dave Fielding work through what it takes to survive in the evolving primary care space, how CMS will shift under the new administration, and where we are today in the value-based care movement that Iora helped pioneer.

Krishna Yeshwant, practicing physician, programmer, and general partner at GV, sits down with Steve and Trevor to discuss entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare. Leveraging his experience as both a clinician, and successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Krishna shares his valuable insights in company creation and identifying the most promising entrepreneurs in the space. The trio discuss major pain points in the healthcare system and the challenges of building a business, from the conception of a promising idea to the construction of a successful institution.

A few of the industry’s tech luminaries, Julie Yoo, Chief Product Officer at Kyruus, Dave Hodgson, President of Design & Development at Oxeon Partners, and Jeremy Delinsky, Chief Technology Officer at Wayfair (Former Chief Technology Officer at athenahealth), explore what it means to take an innovative approach to building technology within the healthcare landscape. They describe ways to drive meaningful use, create less friction and bring humanity back into healthcare through a more consumer-centric approach. This episode exemplifies what A Healthy Dose is meant to be: a forum for for experts to shoot the s**t about healthcare's most important topics.

Rich Roth, Chief Strategic Innovation Officer of Dignity Health, is a serial innovator with a specialized background in start-up development, big data, venture capital, healthcare strategy, public health, and health policy. He sheds light on the movement towards a more human-centered approach to healthcare and what it’s like to start a company in partnership with a health system.

Following the Deerfield Management and Oxeon Partners-sponsored event, Breaking into the Boardroom, hosts and attendees gathered to reflect on the lack of female representation at senior levels of healthcare companies, boards, and investment firms. Leslie Henshaw, Partner at Deerfield, Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven, Carolyn Magill, CEO of Remedy Partners, and Mia Jung, Co-President of the Oxeon executive search practice highlight the unique position and responsibility of healthcare leaders and investors to make an impact on an industry where women are the majority of the decision makers and make up 75% of the work force.

Frank Williams and Seth Blackley, CEO and Co-Founder, and President and Co-Founder, of Evolent Health respectively, recount the story of Evolent from an initial idea to IPO in 3.5 years. While still wondering if they’ve made it as a $400M startup, they reflect on what it means to be one of the few publicly traded healthcare company, the power of taking a consultative approach to healthcare, and their belief that talent is everything.

Trevor and Steve sit down with Andy Slavitt, the former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Andy was nominated by former President Barack Obama to run CMS after he spearheaded the efforts to repair following its infamous initial rollout. In addition to chronicling his time in public office, Andy recounts his experiences as an entrepreneur during the founding days of what is now Optum, and what it was like to lead the company as it scaled. He shares his reflections on growing an organization, exploring the importance of thinking about the emotional impact of healthcare, how to be a magnet for talent, and the value of empowering teams to foster a performance-driven culture.

Steve and Trevor sit down with Lee Shapiro, co-founder and Managing Partner of 7wire Ventures, and Jay Desai, an entrepreneur who left the Innovation Center at CMS to be the founding CEO of Patient Ping. The team examines the themes of HIMSS 2017, with an eye towards the future of the value-based care movement and the importance of diversity in teams.

Aneesh Chopra is the co-founder and President of NavHealth, and served as the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer under President Obama where, in addition to leading the charge on modernizing citizen engagement and government use of technology, he was responsible for programming aimed to reduce healthcare costs. The guys talk about Aneesh’s experience as the first CTO of the US Government, and how he built a career combining public service, politics, and healthcare technology. Aneesh reflects on how to drive through seemingly insurmountable challenges with persistent optimism.

Steve and Trevor talk to Senator Bill Frist, M.D. and Brad Smith, co-founders of Aspire Health, a leader in the palliative care space. During Senator Frist’s years representing Tennessee in the Senate from 1994-2006, he served on both the Finance and the Health Committees; he was instrumental in passing the Medicare Modernization Act and was ultimately elected Majority Leader of the Senate in 2003, after which he played an integral role in passing the Affordable Care Act. Brad Smith is rising entrepreneur who spent his early career as Chief of Staff at the Tennessee Department of Economic Development. Senator Frist and Brad discuss the path to founding Aspire Health, what they’ve learned in their three years since their first patient, and what it means to create an end of life experience filled with humanity and healing. The two share their experiences and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the inaugural “A Healthy Dose” podcast, Trevor and Steve get Ambar Bhattacharyya, Manager Director at Maverick Ventures, Sean Duffy, CEO of Omada Health, and Chrissy Farr, healthcare and technology journalist at Fast Company, together for a roundtable discussion to recap the 2017 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. The group reflects on the climate of healthcare following the presidential election and the investment trends.