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Episodes with Smash Notes

While “community” is a common buzzword in everything from web3 to SaaS, community has long played a key role in the modern open source movement. Author Nadia Asparouhova joins to talk about her book, Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software, from Stripe Press.

Effectively moderating live discussions is for more than just podcasters and event hosts -- anyone who runs important meetings or communicates with large groups can benefit from the expert best practices of great moderation. This episode shares battle-tested frameworks, concrete tips, and more.

"The algorithm" is a common buzzword in discussions about social media -- but how do algorithms actually drive product design today? In this deep dive episode from 2020 on the algorithm that powers TikTok, Eugene Wei discusses the "creativity network effects" behind TikTok, product design, the future of video, and more.

From 2000 to 2016, it was the best of times and the worst of times for Silicon Valley -- and John Hennessy, as president of Stanford University during that time, was a key player in the Valley's ecosystem. Hennessy is joined by a16z's Marc Andreessen and Martin Casado to discuss going from academia to startups, leadership, and more.

Managing a crisis is more than a communications challenge -- it's a business challenge and an opportunity to change your culture. a16z's Margit Wennmachers and Kim Milosevich discuss crisis communications 101.

With the field of synthetic biology -- which involves designing and engineering organisms to specific purposes -- exploding and driving both innovation and real-world impact from drug development to manufacturing and more, how did we get here? This episode digs deep with one of the pioneers of the synbio field.

With increased demand for better batteries, cobalt has become one of the most important metals on the planet. Kobold Metals co-founder and CEO Kurt House, John Thompson of Cornell, and a16z general partner Connie Chan join Hanne Winarsky in discussing why this happened and how technology is rapidly changing the age-old mining industry.

While new generative AI models like DALL-E 2 and Imagen have recently brought broader awareness and excitement to the space, AI is already changing how we work and the software we use across the enterprise. People.AI founder and CEO Oleg Rogynskyy and a16z partner Peter Lauten discuss, in this episode from 2019.

In times of great uncertainty, it can help to examine the longer arc of innovation and where we are headed. MIT economist and best-selling author Andrew McAfee joins Marc Andreessen and Sonal Choksi to discuss the case for why human progress and growth doesn't have to be in conflict with preserving our environment and resources.

In this crossover episode from new show "web3 with a16z", a16z general partners Chris Dixon and Ali Yahya and a16z crypto head of research Tim Roughgarden, with host Sonal Choksi, set context and discuss the connections between blockchain, crypto, and web3, as well as how lessons from earlier eras of the web do and don't apply to the current moment.

In this special “innovation overview” episode from April 2021, the a16z crypto team and other experts give a primer on crypto and web3, starting from the basics of crypto and how it works to more recent innovations and beyond -- all through the lens of an oral essay.

The story of startups is often a story of survival. What do you do when the markets go down? When your biggest customer churns? When your big product launch falls flat? Ben Horowitz and Jason Rosenthal share stories and lessons learned from doing whatever they could to help their companies survive in hard times.