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Are startups doomed to fail amid the coronavirus turmoil?

Some advice to startup founders on what to do, in order to remain alive.

@Jason: If you've got a deal on the table, take the money. Assume no money will get raised for 3-6 months. Take salary cuts and extend your runaway. Get everybody to safety. Make sure your company is alive. "Take the medicine."

@Friedberg: Figure out where your customers are heading, and adjust your strategy. Stop focusing on growth and focus on sustainability.

@Chamath: Venture capitalists and their limited partners are currently over-leveraged in their other investments. As they are trying to stay afloat, they will force venture investments to a lower capitalisation, to preserve their overall portfolio thesis. As a result, startups need 36-months of runaway, in order to stay alive. Don't take the risk, if you don't have to.

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