#41 — Vlad Magdalin — The No-Code Movement Is Finally Here
Below the Line with James Beshara
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What is a good productivity hack for founders? 13:22

Establish good habits because good habits enable productivity and help to alleviate anxiety.

As the list of important and urgent tasks start to grow, it is imperative to intentionally focus on the essentials.


What should startup founders keep in mind as their company scales head count 21:47? 18:13

Founders should avoid becoming the bottle neck for their own company. Making a perfect decisions, at the expense of slowing down the whole company is not worth it. Instead, it is better to make a good-enough decision fast, thus enabling the rest of the employees to explore multiple options.

At the end of the day, founder is only one mind, and often the employees would come up with a set of possibilities that would have never been discovered by the founder.


How did Vlad and Webflow attain leverage by listening to their employees? 22:49

At one point, one of the Webflow early employees insisted on building an animation feature into the product. Although the Webflow co-founders were initially skeptical, he persisted. This feature ended up bringing nearly 50% of the business in the following year.

If the co-founders only listened to their ideas, they would have never discovered this, and many other features that came from their team's experiences and needs.

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