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Best New Podcast on Smash Notes

Best New Podcast podcast.

December 28, 2019

A show about opinions about Pitchfork's opinions about new music.

We try to guess how they'll rate upcoming releases. We are rarely successful.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Deep dives on Earl Sweatshirt and Mitski. Also, the 2021 Best New Podcast Year in Review. Or is it the inaugural Best New Podcast Awards? We didn't quite work that out. Anyways, how've you been?

The time has come. The results are in. Join your Best New Hosts as they read through The Website's Best Albums of 2021 list and, more importantly, discover the winner of last episode's draft.

At long last your Best New Hosts have returned for a good old fashioned draft in anticipation of The Website's 2021 year end list(s).

This episode, two artists taking left turns. Also, we debut a new segment in which one of the worst modern US presidents becomes a kind of Carmen Sandiego-like figure, traveling mysteriously through time, space, and Pitchfork interviews.

We're talking pop and you can't stop us.

Three artists that we feel The Website is a little scared to admit they don't quite know what to do with. Note: At one point in the show we inaccurately claim that Tyler, the Creator's 2019 album IGOR won a Grammy in the "Urban" category. It in fact...

In this episode we discuss two artists with origins in very prestigious music schools, where they presumably do very prestigious music things. Does all this prestige guarantee a BNM? Absolutely not. That's ridiculous and, frankly, I'm embarrassed for...

Have you ever showed up to what you assumed would be the physical manifestation of a pop album, only to find out it was just a regular old theme park?! If so, you're not alone and this class action lawsuit may be for you.

We've long known Drake claims to be a lover boy, but we've yet to see any real credentials to back that up. However, that may soon change. Join us as we discuss one of the new year's most anticipated albums, Certified Lover Boy.

The time has finally come. Listen along as we read through The Website's year-end top albums list and determine the winners of this year's draft. That's about 10% of it. The rest, as usual, is mainly us mispronouncing things.

With the year slowly starting to fade and with the release of The Website's year-end lists imminent, your Best New Hosts gather to do what they do just fine: draft. This episode we pick the albums we think will top the 50 Best Albums of 2020. First,...

A cabin album! 😱 A quarantine album! 😱 Two singers toss their Big bands to the side and get contemplative. Or remain contemplative. I dunno, just listen to the podcast.