Episode 1: Petal Pennycooke - Executive Right Hand
Beyond 6 Seconds
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What is Executive Right Hand? 00:52

It is a premium provider of executive support to chief executive level clients in transition. The company partners with executives to assist them in maintaining their executive presence during their period of transition.


What kind of services does Executive Right Hand offer? 01:40

The take a holistic approach with their clients. Some can keep some of their benefits as they leave the organization, but one benefit they lose is their right hand person that knows the ins and outs of their schedules. Executive Right Hand fills in that gap to make seamless transitions.


How is an Executive Right Hand service different from a virtual assistant? 02:18

A virtual assistant is more task oriented. An Executive Right Hand is more leader oriented. Leaders are treated as leaders, despite being in a transition period. The company offers so much more than what a VA can provide.


What inspired the company, Executive Right Hand? 04:37

Pennycooke was working for a Fortune 500 retailer and she witnessed a lot of transitions. She realized that when a senior level executives left, they missed the executive assistant more. She hopes to make their lives easier and the company’s spending more valuable.


How long will Executive Right Hand work with a client? 07:32

Pennycooke estimates that an average assignment is between 3-6 months, depending on the circumstance. Starting off, the company works with 2-4 clients at a time.


What skills are the biggest contributors for a company’s success? 11:49

Relentless hope and belief. Pennycooke says that at the end of the day, she is skilled at what she does. It allows her to be proactive and anticipate clients' needs.


What is Pennycooke is doing differently as she starts up her company again? 16:56

At the first launch, she was targeting the executive individually. Now, she finds it better offered as an outplacement package. Her target clients are now the corporate placement managers.


What does Executive Right Hand offer with their holistic approach? 18:27

They offer for executives to be engaged and remained productive while they are in the period of transition. It also depends on what clients need at any given time.


What are the goals of Executive Right Hand? 19:29

Right now, Penneycooke’s goal is to scale and get the executives in a place where more companies are using them so her company can be fully staffed. She also hopes that they offer a training course and, hopefully, a franchise of her company.


What does she hope to bring to hiring her staff? 22:25

She hopes to place her staff with executives who have been treated well during their transition. She prides the company on treating her people well when they were transitioning. Overall, it’s a mutual understanding between the client and company.

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