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Beyond High Street on Smash Notes

Beyond High Street podcast.

March 12, 2020

For anyone that has spent time on campus, the podcast name won’t need any explanation. But for others, High Street is that one red brick street uptown, our hub in town. Forbes even just ranked Oxford, Ohio as the best college town in the nation.

Since graduating more than 20 years ago, I have always wondered what it is – what’s the commonality of all Miami students. We were willing to venture into the farmland and into the corn stalks of southwest Ohio, we left major cities to study and live in a tiny, rural community for 4 years and for some, even more.

I’ll say this - whatever it is - it drives us. It’s why Miami consistently ranks in the top 5 in the country in producing Fortune 500 CEOs and CMOs and It’s why you have seen Miami names on the executive leaderboard at Instagram, twitter and other emerging global brands. The list of Entrepreneurs, business heads, community leaders, media executives and authors is endless, it even includes a former United States President and Super Bowl winning quarterback.

I am going to have weekly conversations with these alum and dig into their current experiences and what drove them to Miami and how Miami helped them turn that drive into tangible success.

Episodes with Smash Notes

1989 Farmer School management alumni Laurie Schalow talks with Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch about navigating a food-borne illness crisis, how Chipotle's existing digital plan has helped it through the pandemic, and the one thing she regrets not doin...

2004 Farmer School graduate Mark Rappaport tells FSB dean Jenny Darroch about the reasons he seeks "hills to run up," the importance of self awareness, and why you probably shouldn't schedule 8am meetings with him.


In this episode, 2017 marketing graduate Mackenzie Powlette talks with Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch about the reason students should seek out certifications, why her days as a gymnast ended when she got to college, and the classes she wished she w...

Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch chats with 1998 Farmer School graduate Whitt Butler about how he found a path to information systems through accountancy at FSB, the importance of culture in a company, and how he convinced his son to go to Miami after f...

Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch talks with Mark Wagenbrenner about how he ended up at Miami, the path he took into real estate, and the stunt his father pulled at a Miami football game back when Xavier came to Oxford.

Dawn Mullican (Finance, 1986) talks with Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch about finding out the hard way that banking wasn't for her, the impact that playing club sports at Miami has had, and how growing up in the South gave her trouble in Russian class...

Carly, a 2014 marketing graduate, talks about what she does on road trips to Oxford, working in sales, studying Chinese, and her experiences in cattle herding.  

FSB dean Jenny Darroch talks with 1992 graduate Trish Lukasik about her list of "I will never" statements that didn't stick, why she moved from finance to economics at Miami, and the nostalgia she feels when she returns to Oxford.

1985 accountancy graduate Lori Kaiser joins Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch to talk about how Kaiser Consulting was born, how to handle employees in a post-COVID working world, and the early days of Skippers.

In this episode, Brandon talks with Farmer School dean Jenny Darroch about how he didn't want to go to Miami when he was in high school, memories of Ultimate Frisbee, and why he's found that the "Miami network" is very real and very useful.

Worldpay Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Ferris discusses the impact of the coronavirus on business, coming back from her sabbatical, and her favorite order at Bagel and Deli.

Justin Sheperd, 1994 accountancy and finance graduate, talks with Jenny about his time at the Farmer School and what he likes to do when he returns to Oxford.