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(Ep19) Office Romance: Is It Okay?

Is it okay for a romantic relationship to start at work? And as a business owner, what rights and responsibilities do you have (or not have) to interfere in that relationship developing?


This juicy conversation includes:

The dangers of intimate relationships that start at work, especially if there’s a power imbalance involved The priority should, first and foremost, be on protecting employees against sexual harassment and abuse The potential positives of a couple forming within your business


Optimizer Tip: Seek HR guidance early on; you can use an outsourced firm, even as a small business.


Episode References: 

Roger Ailes (former Fox News CEO) #metoo

And, in recent news, the McDonald’s CEO was recently fired for having a relationship with an employee!


**Let us know what you think of this episode, and what rules business owners should or shouldn’t put in place!**


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