Building a company that you manage vs building a business that manages you
Company of One
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Who is Abby Walker? 00:20

Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou and author of Strap on a Pair. Abby runs a company that sells shoe insoles which enable women to wear heels four times longer without the pain.


How can you run a company without any employees? 01:33

Abby runs her entire company with a team of contractors, from customer support to development and design. She's even got a remote warehouse in Wisconsin which fulfills all of her customer's orders.


Why is Abby Walker keeping Vivian Lou as a one-person company? 02:49

At some point when you grow a business you start chipping away at your profits in order to support your team, and then you have to work extra hard to reach the next milestone. Business owners are also constantly complaining about their human resource problems. If you have no employees, and you are not trying to grow at all costs, you have no problems!

Abby is enjoying working from home, making more than she used to at her corporate job.
Vivian Lou works for her lifestyle and that is all that matters.


Should I listen to business advice from other people? 07:01

A lot of times people would be well-intentioned, but it doesn't mean their feedback is right for you. You get to determine how you run your company.

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