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Building a company that you manage vs building a business that manages you

Company of One

Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou. She runs a multi-million dollar physical product company from her home wearing sweats (and high heels).

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Who is Abby Walker?

Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou and author of Strap on a Pair. Abby runs a company that sells shoe insoles which enable women to wear heels four times longer without the pain.

How can you run a company without any employees?

Abby runs her entire company with a team of contractors, from customer support to development and design. She's even got a remote warehouse in Wisconsin which fulfills all of her customer's orders.

Should I listen to business advice from other people?

A lot of times people would be well-intentioned, but it doesn't mean their feedback is right for you. You get to determine how you run your company.