May 27, 2019 - Science, Stress, Long Distance Running, Startups and Small Business
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Bill Nye the Science Guy and Alie Ward from Oologies discuss - What do you need to know to understand science? 01:19

We all really science people. The biggest misconception in fact, is that in order to love science, you have to already understand science, but that's not true. Science is all about being curios and asking questions. Alie says we should all ask smart people stupid questions.


What goes through the mind of a long distance runner? 03:49

Scott Jurek came on the Backpacker Radio podcast to talk about long distance running and hiking, and how he set a record completion time on the Appalachian Trail. Very entertaining podcast with a lot of honest thoughts on health, fitness, hiking, running, family life and beyond.


Can you run a profitable company all by yourself? 06:16

Turns out, you can! Abby Walker is the founder of a shoe insole company called "Vivian Lou" and she is doing it all on her own. Abby's been able to cover her lost corporate salary and she is planning to retire her husband. Although plenty of people have pushed her to grow and raise venture-capital, Abby enjoys her one-woman business and the lifestyle that it can buy.


Have you heard of One Month rails? 09:37

The founders of One Month, and formerly known as both, One Month Rails or Mr. Ruby, talk about their successes and challenges, and in particular what it takes to price a product in a competitive market.


What does stress do to your body? 11:50

Geoff Ralston, the new President of Y Combinator, talks about the effects of stress on your body and mind and why kids might need to relax before taking a test. He also discuss the effects on performance-enhancing drugs on education and how coffee is all you really need.


How do you find happiness? 14:39

Justin Kan is a entrepreneur and investor who is probably best known for Twitch TV. Justin has been featured on Smash Notes before in a podcast where he talked openly about his successes and failures. He openly discussed that money does not equal happiness, and how and why he's struggled with self for a long time. Justin has recently put his thoughts into an essay -- Feeling Good: Justin Kan Program -- which is definitely worth a read, especially if you are not feeling 100% happy with your own self.


Azure by Adam Singer? 15:40

Much thanks to Adam Singer for sharing his music with Smash Notes listeners. If you want to hear more of Adams's music, please follow him on Twitter.

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