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Hiten Shah - Where Tech and Spirituality meet

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Hiten Shah (@hnshah) is a startup investor and the co-founder of FYI, a company that has developed research-based software to help people find their documents as quickly as possible. In this talk, we explore the connection that is gradually flourishing between two seemingly distinct worlds: Technology and Spirituality. Hiten has a lot of insights to share and is keen to delve into the many different ways in which computers, the human condition, and business intertwine with each other. If you're interested in either of these topics, you can't miss this one. Follow along: (04:33) - Is the human experience necessarily a spiritual one? (08:20) - Hiten's personal experience with the internet (12:06) - What is Hiten's view on the relationship between technology and spirituality? (16:57) - Shadow work: what is it? (22:45) - Samskara, energy body and the essence of observation (29:18) - Judgment vs. Discernment (33:07) - What is Hiten most excited about right now? (37:05) - Start, Grow, Scale - the changing nature of a business (42:22) - How relevant is memorization in the face of unlimited digital storage? (48:27) - What does Hiten think about predicting the future impact of technology? (51:42) - What projects is Hiten currently working on? (54:17) - Hiten's relationship with stress and creativity Please subscribe to Crazy Wisdom wherever you listen to podcasts, and leave us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts.

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