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Lawrence Wang: Modern Wisdom

Lawrence Wang works as a software engineer at MakerDAO, a decentralized project that operates within the Ethereum blockchain. 

This interview was special. Lawrence has a way of putting things so clearly and concisely that you'll be left speechless. From spiritual surrender to cryptocurrencies, this one's all about learning to navigate the turbulent waters of modern society with wisdom and clarity.

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(03:20) - What is MakerDAO?

(04:20) - How does Lawrence work with stress?

(07:16) - How can we adapt to the increasingly large networks of people in our lives?

(10:26) - Signal vs. noise

(13:20) - What's recently changed Lawrence's life in a meaningful way?

(14:36) - The sweet spot between optimism and pessimism

(16:00) - How is ignorance a form of freedom?

(18:02)- What's the impact of technology on principles?

(20:25) - What is actually going to save us (the world)?

(23:39) - Co-dependence vs. Interdependence

(25:38) - Anti-fragility, and the spiritual equivalent of "FU-money"

(29:09) - Establishing (energetic) boundaries

(32:12) - Lawrence on Meditation and the role of Technique

(39:00) - What are Stablecoins?

(44:42) - Cryptocurrencies' biggest promise

(48:20) - Remote-work: the future of human connection?


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