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Create Seattle - A Startup Podcast about Company Culture on Smash Notes

Create Seattle - A Startup Podcast about Company Culture podcast.

December 28, 2019

A compelling culture is the connective tissue that can define and differentiate startup companies and communities. Create33's podcast highlights the vision and values of entrepreneurial leaders that drive innovation in the Pacific Northwest.

Episodes with Smash Notes

In our Season 1 finale, we talk with the Outreach Co-Founder and CEO Manny Medina on cofounder dynamics, staying hungry, and having a diverse culture where people are encouraged to express themselves.

Entrepreneur, operator and investor Kirby Winfield prioritizes on continuous learning, investing in raw talent, and staying laser-focused on your vision. Hear his insights gleaned over two decades of startups and four exits.

Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Remitly, fintech professional and life-long advocate Kim Vu reflects on building a culture of belonging and always asking: who’s not at the table?

Multiple-founder Micah Baldwin reveals his personal journey growing up in the Bay Area and discovering and managing his mental health condition. He shares ways to be compassionate to yourself and others.

WeConnect Co-Founder and CEO Daniela Luzi-Tudor debunks myths regarding practicing self-care, choosing investors, and managing a distributed workforce.  Learn more about how she leverages technology to meaningfully bring people together.

Fuel Talent CEO Shauna Swerland shares tips and techniques for startups to play to their strengths when building teams. Hear about the choices—personal and professional, significant and nuanced—that drive our career paths and company culture.

Kevin Wick of Smashing Ideas shares how design-thinking and a deep sense of empathy for the user experience enables startups to more effectively scale and delight their customers.

Though entrepreneurship can feel competitive, many people are eager to lend support. Through Female Founders Alliance and Ready Set Raise, Leslie Feinzaig reveals the unexpected momentum and founder confidence generated by these inclusive communities.

A startup studio is not just an institution, but an internalized mindset. Ben Gilbert takes us through his journey to launch and grow Pioneer Square Labs; with over a dozen spinouts under their belt, he shares common traits and practices of successful...

Trailer for Season 1 of Create Seattle