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Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan on Smash Notes

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan podcast.

January 03, 2020

Startups are changing Japan, and Japan is once again starting to innovate. Disrupting Japan introduces you to some of the Japanese innovators that will be household brands in a few years and explains what it’s really like to be an innovator in a society that values conformity.

Episodes with Smash Notes

NFTs are easy to understand if you examine their core utility.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of NFT promoters spending millions of dollars to make sure you never look at that. - This episode is a departure from our standard format,

We have been dreaming about flying cars (and startups have been promising them!) for over 70 years, and it looks like we might almost be there. Orders have been placed, and delivery schedules set. - Today we sit down with Tom Fukuzawa of SkyDrive,

Cloud visionaries promised us unlimited scalability, but they greatly underestimated the amount of data we would start producing. - Today we sit down with Michael Tso, the co-founder of Cloudian, and he explains why some systems are just too big for t...

Japanese university and government venture funds play a much larger role in Japan than in the West. - I've always considered this difference to be, on balance, neutral, today's guest makes a convincing case that these funds are actually hurting the st...

It's hard to get paid to do what you love. - Perhaps no one understands this better than dancers, but Taku Kodaira and his team at Mikro Entertainment are on a mission to fix that. - But this conversation, and Mikro Entertainment itself,

Disrupting Japan turns seven years old this week! - Unfortunately, because of current conditions in Japan, we won't be able to sit down over a beer and talk about startups live as we usually do. - Today, I'd like to share a story in three acts.

This is a very personal and rather speculative episode. - No guests this time. It's just the two of us. - In past episodes, you have already met some of the founders at the center of an amazing cluster of startups that have the potential to redefine ...

Japan has a very different approach to robotics. - Japan leads the world in industrial robots, but there is also a growing movement that is reinventing the way we share our world with machines. - Kaname Hayashi was one of the creators of Softbank's P...

Some of Japan's innovations are going to have a much bigger impact outside of Japan. - Like most startups, most AgTech startups sensibly tend to focus on their own markets. While this makes things easier at first,

The bacteria in our gut affect our lives and our health in ways we are just starting to fully realize, and mapping this biome is expected to advance medical science and pharmacology as mapping the human genome. - However,

A lot of great ideas seem crazy when you first hear about them. - Today Ryotaro Ako, founder of Atopiyo, explains not only why this is a great idea that is deeply valued by his users, but he also frankly talked about the difficulties in bringing it to...

Disruption comes slowly to medicine.  And that's a good thing. - Since the ethos of the profession is "First, do no harm", it makes sense that safety and efficacy are prioritized over rapid innovation. - But innovation does happen,