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Does Not Compute on Smash Notes

Does Not Compute podcast.

December 28, 2019

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers, hosted by Sean Washington & Friends.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Sean and Rockwell talk about change for change's sake, rebalancing develoment priorities as projects mature, divining tech stacks for fun and profit, and whipper-snippers.

Sean and Rockwell talk about the challenges of normalizing data for APIs, Sean rewriting his app for Firebase, the tradeoffs of choosing a backend-as-a-service, and some big news on Rockwell's job front.

Sean and Rockwell talk about solving ham radio problems with Elixir and OTP, hot takes on the Ionic framework, fleshing out features in an Electron app, and a trespassing chicken.

Sean and Rockwell talk about adding personal flair and staying motivated with side projects, the challenges of theming and testing UIs, and super-yachts.

Sean and Rockwell talk all about pull requests: the value and utility of PRs in a team environment, chunking up work to prevent blockers, rebasing versus merging, and making time to wrangle it all.

Eric Normand joins us to discuss the origins, contents, and process of writing his first book, Grokking Simplicity. Topics include identifying and isolating side-effects, organizing code into layers with stratified design, and comparing styles and languages.

Sean and Rockwell discuss pragmatic JavaScript, navigating increasing tooling complexity, and TypeScript's utility types.

Sean and Rockwell talk about Pocket Operators, managing people instead of code, tracking down new code conventions and opinions, 3D printing, and the correct pronunciation of "doge".

Sean and Rockwell discuss building an Electron app using SQLite and Webpack, keeping personal documentation, and learning and sharing amongst your development team.

Sean and Rockwell discuss IntelliJ's Rails support, using Docker for development, and AWS Aurora. Sean starts a new Electron app, and Rockwell christens his new standing desk with a spilled beverage.

Former DNC host Paul joins Rockwell to catch us up on the past couple years, focusing on the technical underpinnings, challenges, and a release date (!) for his new iOS game, Booster's Big Neighborhood.

Sean and Rockwell talk about the importance of taking time off, then Sean shares his experience with React Query, and Rockwell finally tries out IntelliJ.