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Does Not Compute on Smash Notes

Does Not Compute podcast.

December 28, 2019

A weekly chat about the lives and workflows of modern web developers, hosted by Sean Washington & Friends.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Sean and Rockwell talk about the importance of taking time off, then Sean shares his experience with React Query, and Rockwell finally tries out IntelliJ.

Greg joins Sean and Rockwell to talk about what he's been up to this past year. They dive into the Firebase/Ionic stack that drives his newest app, ReadRally, and Greg imparts his wisdom on getting products out the door.

Anthony Campolo (@ajcwebdev) joins Sean and Rockwell to talk all about Redwood.js: its inception, principles, tooling, deployments, and much more.

Rockwell give his first impressions on rebuilding an iOS app with SwiftUI, then Sean and Twitch chat share their goals for 2021.

Sean and Rockwell discuss Hotwire, serverless applications, React server components, and some important show announcements!

Sean and Rockwell review some Apple devices, talk about Sean's sudden shift in workload, react-query, stripping out unncessary (?) complexity from your application, and Apple Fitness.

Sean and Rockwell talk about Firebase document stores, Next.js and API routes, envisioning serverless applications, and RFC 1149.

Sean and Rockwell talk more about Sean's increasing duties, 1Password, the difficulting in naming things, project tools, and Sean thoroughly reviews his new Moonlander keyboard.

Sean and Rockwell talk about their respective M1-based Macs: RAM constraints, binary compatability, and trade-offs.

Sean and Rockwell discuss the new M1 Mac Mini, hacking on hardware with Python, standing up simple web services with TypeScript, and being the no-because-the-API-endpoint-doesn't-even-have-that-feature-man.

Sean and Rockwell talk about performance bottlenecks in Elixir and JS, Sean's journey managing his workload and introducing new processes, codifying CSS themes, and a walk down JS memory lane.

Sean and Rockwell discuss the native app development and potential tradeoffs of React Native, a host of text editors including Onivim 2, work catch-up, and a very special snack challenge.