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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast podcast.

December 28, 2019

Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.

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Visual marketing with user content...

Pau Sabria, Co-Founder/CEO of Olapic (a leading earned content platform that amplifies engagement and performance in every channel with curated, high-converting images and videos taken by real people – (bio)), joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Genesis, Inspire, and shoppable expectation

Sabria shares his background as an engineer from Barcelona, Spain, how he met his Olapic cofounders at Columbia University, and decided to create Olapic, how they are now a part of Monotype, about the new product Inspire, how a new product utilizes existing images into shoppable content. Distilling the process of animating content through series of steps, building recipes and “productizing” the recipes and generating video content very cheaply. Being able to adapt to changing consumer behavior, i.e. people spending a lot of time on Instagram where you can buy from hot spots, causing expectation that any image is shoppable, so trying to get ahead of it.

Inspirational content, value prop, and a pivot

Olapic is a UGC platform that pulls in content a brand’s consumer product is already creating, and you can tag it and make it shoppable on those pages. Visual commerce, source and curating UGC and get rights and place it across your platforms. Inspirational content can become shoppable. And, how the idea for Olapic arose, How Olapic has a value prop perceived originally like life insurance, and if you can’t quantify the value there is no value. When there is value that is occurring naturally, how showing growth created converts, pivoting to a new direction, and building in house vs. outsourcing.

No titles, growing the team, and life after acquisition

Why the Olapic leadership doesn’t have titles, how the team built beyond initial three and thinking about the way the team grew to 180 people and the culture, and then after the acquisition. Argentina as a home base, with offices in London and New York. A close call with a major entrepreneur, leaving Barcelona, life after success, fatherly inspiration, and mandatory barbecue.

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