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Forward Thinking Founders on Smash Notes

Forward Thinking Founders podcast.

December 28, 2019

Forward Thinking Founders is a podcast where Mat interviews high potential founders with early stage companies. This allows us to see inside the brain of genius founders before the rest of the world knows they even exist. On this show, you'll learn all about how to start a startup, pros and cons of different verticals, and learn the backstory and vision of tomorrow's billion-dollar companies, straight from the founders. With guests coming from Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Pioneer, and the f20r.com network, you're sure to get a sneak peek at world-class founders at work, every day. This is Forward Thinking Founders.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Alex Pennington is the cofounder of Finish and Feast. Finish & Feast is on a very simple mission: to bring fine dining to everyone, anywhere in the UK. To achieve this mission, they have created the UK’s premier fine dining meal assembly kit platform, whi

Sagnik Ghosh is the cofounder of Worqhat. Worqhat aims to create a better life and a better future for University Students and Graduates.

Rohan Agrawal is the cofounder of Incentify. Incentify is fostering a community that engages around music, and make connections with people who share your same music taste.

Ken Babcock is a cofounder of Tango. With Tango, create process or product documentation on-demand.

Joshua Salins is the founder of The Hobby Tribe. Hobby Tribe believes everyone should have the ability and chance to learn something new In this ever-expanding world of opportunity.

Abu Bakr Kamal is the founder of Let's Dunch. They helping like-minded professionals collaborate over food and events around the globe.

Chris McCann is a General Partner at Race Capital.

Matt Caplan is the cofounder of Biscuits n Groovy. They partner with artists to debut exclusive music and album art to their most devoted fans.

Diana Chen runs the Unstoppable Domains podcast and worth on their content team to spread the word about their company, web3, and the greater blockchain ecosystem. This episode is an early bet on Diana.

In this episode, we answer questions like: - Wh

Daniel Lewis is the cofounder of Winno. Winno helps people understand the world better.

Rebecca Jones is the founder of Clutch. Clutch is a crypto wallet built by women, for women, to invest in digital currencies.

Paul Gross is the cofounder of Remora. Their device captures the carbon emissions from a semi-truck. They sell the captured carbon dioxide to concrete producers and greenhouses, helping companies earn new revenue while meeting their climate commitments.