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Forward Thinking Founders on Smash Notes

Forward Thinking Founders podcast.

December 28, 2019

Forward Thinking Founders is a podcast where Mat interviews high potential founders with early stage companies. This allows us to see inside the brain of genius founders before the rest of the world knows they even exist. On this show, you'll learn all about how to start a startup, pros and cons of different verticals, and learn the backstory and vision of tomorrow's billion-dollar companies, straight from the founders. With guests coming from Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Pioneer, and the f20r.com network, you're sure to get a sneak peek at world-class founders at work, every day. This is Forward Thinking Founders.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Abubakar Sial is the founder of OctiLearn. OctiLearn is an integrated learning ecosystem with personalized learning pathways.

Andrea Orrego is the founder of Atelier. Atelier connects high-quality and planet-conscious makers to design-savvy users who want to create their own interior design projects and we do it all in an interactive design app and marketplace!

Arham Habib is the founder of VO2. VO2 is new fan engagement platform that turns sports teams from observers to stakeholders in their favorite teams and athletes.

Peter Difilippantonio is the founder of CarLocity. CarLocity is an anonymous car shopping service focused on transforming the car dealership sales experience into an enjoyable buying experience.

Jordan is the founder of CryoCase. The CryoCase is a case that gets colder in the sun instead of hotter. Utilizing the blackbody effect, the CryoCase uses radiative cooling to dissipate heat into the vacuum of space.

Viola Carmona is the founder of Champion Lender. Champion Lender is addressing the loan gap with a two-sided solution. HOME stands for Home Ownership & Mortgage Education; it is a dual-platform, total home buying/refinancing solution that reduces denials

Dmitry Kiryukhin is the cofounder of CleverFleet. CleverFleet is an EoR/payroll platform where businesses of all sizes from anywhere in the world can easily onboard remote specialists from Ukraine, pay them and be compliant with local laws.

Jordan Plows is the founder of LightAI. LightAI makes understanding, translating and reviewing code blazingly fast.

Kashif Ali is the founder of DAO Helper. DAO Helper is an open platform to create courses for the Web3 community.

Justin Clegg is the founder of Allset. Allset makes it easy for businesses to automate payments, unlock revenue, build an online presence and much more.

Tyler Tringas is the GP and founder of The Calm Company Fund. He's building an ecosystem of founders and funders of profitable, sustainable, calm businesses.

Mai Shimada is the founder of Isha Health. Isha Health enables online ketamine assisted therapy with a team of licensed clinicians.