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Forward Thinking Founders on Smash Notes

Forward Thinking Founders podcast.

December 28, 2019

Forward Thinking Founders is a podcast where Mat interviews high potential founders with early stage companies. This allows us to see inside the brain of genius founders before the rest of the world knows they even exist. On this show, you'll learn all about how to start a startup, pros and cons of different verticals, and learn the backstory and vision of tomorrow's billion-dollar companies, straight from the founders. With guests coming from Y Combinator, The Thiel Fellowship, Pioneer, and the f20r.com network, you're sure to get a sneak peek at world-class founders at work, every day. This is Forward Thinking Founders.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Jibril Sulaiman is the founder of Incluzion. Incluzion is a community of Black & Latinx professionals working remotely and we’re a startup that connects companies with diverse full-time, part-time and contract talent.

Ario Tamat is the cofounder of KaryaKarsa. KaryaKarsa helps creators sell books, comics, audio and other digital goods directly to their fan communities

Stephanie is the cofounder of Jellatech. Jellatech is transforming the collagen and gelatin market by harvesting pure, high quality gelatin and collagen from cells instead of from animals.

Ken Kruger is the cofounder of Moon. Purchase Moon Visa® Prepaid Cards with crypto. Pay at millions of online merchants with secure virtual cards.

Shaun Simon is the cofounder of ServiceGanja. With ServiceGanja, achieve your Cannabis Dispensaries sales goals using our easy-to-use and agile software that delights new and repeats customers.

Sidney Haitoff is the cofounder of Mishe. Mishe provides Pay-As-You-Go Healthcare™; no insurance needed.

Oscar Rovira is the cofounder of Neuro. With Neuro, train, predict, and deploy ML models. Get instant production-grade infrastructure with our API.

Aaro Isosaari is the cofounder of Flowrite. Flowrite turns words into ready-to-send emails, messages, and posts in your personal style.

Tim Ward is the cofounder of Opportuni. With Opportuni, get super relevant tenders delivered to your 📥 inbox, access tender documents 📁 with no portal madness and connect with some of the worlds most skilled ✍️ bid writers.

Dalton Skach is the cofounder of Gold Gate. Participate in Gold Gate's Upcoming $100M Luxury Real Estate Fund and Receive 1% Ownership Interests and 45 Days of Annual Use in 20 Exclusive Properties Throughout the World

Tyler Beaty is the cofounder of Sero. Sero is building connected devices to treat the millions of people suffering from PTSD.

Calvin Cooper is the founder of Rhove. Rhove allows anyone to invest in real estate so they can own the places they love.