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FoundersList Podcast on Smash Notes

FoundersList Podcast podcast.

June 29, 2020

Every week Chris Kim interviews guests that speak to the founder experience. We bring you actionable insights, relatable stories, expert tips, lively debates, and - just maybe - a small break from the unrelenting pressure that usually comes with being a founder.

FoundersList Podcast is the official podcast of FoundersList.com, a place for founders to connect, launch ideas/products, find recommended professionals/service-providers, and more!

Episodes with Smash Notes

Philip Camilleri is a founder of FoundersList, and previously the co-founder and CTO of SmartAsset. He shares his thoughts on finding a technical cofounder, what makes a tech cofounder successful, how business cofounders can appeal to their tech counterparts, and the right mindset and communication skills needed to forge a strong founding team.

Updated on June 23