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What To Look For In A Tech Cofounder? With Philip Camilleri

Philip Camilleri is a founder of FoundersList, and previously the co-founder and CTO of SmartAsset. He shares his thoughts on finding a technical cofounder, what makes a tech cofounder successful, how business cofounders can appeal to their tech counterparts, and the right mindset and communication skills needed to forge a strong founding team.

Updated on June 23

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Spend as little as possible. The objective of an MVP is to create something that users might like, but it does not need to be complicated or fancy. This is why a startup tech co-founder needs to be able to do everything required to launch a product, from front-end to databases and beyond.


All the time. SmartAsset took 11 months to get their seed round. Out of every 100 meetings you take, 95 of them say outright no, but you have to keep pushing through. This is why having a co-founder that supports you and the vision is so important. At the end of the day, it's just you and your co-founder, against the world.


A co-founder is a partner. Technical people are in high demand, and if they are willing to join a startup, they are definitely not looking for a job. What they want is to be equal partners, to have a steak in the business, to own something, to have a say.

Realistically, a startup is a long and grueling journey that cofounders take together.

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