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Frank Deya Podcast on Smash Notes

Frank Deya Podcast podcast.

April 04, 2020

Conversations with outstanding personalities.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Linda Onyango is the CEO of the SME Support Centre (SSC) which is a management consulting firm for small and medium enterprises in East Africa operating in all sectors of the economy. In this episode, we discuss how small & medium enterprises can prepare for funding, scaling their operations, surviving the covid- 19 & how her company is making this possible for small and medium businesses. 

Eugene Mutai is the CTO and cofounder of Raise (, a company working on migrating private securities & other assets into the digital world using the blockchain. This will enable, ease and increase efficiency in the creation, issuance, transferring and ownership of these value-backed assets.

Harriet holds an A.B. in Government and East Asian Studies from Harvard University (2016) and a Master’s degree in Economics and Management from Peking University (2018). Born and raised in Kenya, Harriet is passionate about the role of innovation in solving African problems and as a new driver of economic growth in the continent. Having worked with several startups in Kenya, Harriet understands the value of top talent in fast-growing startups to ensure that they not only scale but also transform lives as a result.

Chris Makubi is a Kenyan based start-up founder who's deeply involved in development, community building and education in the blockchain space in Africa. 

How we work, where we work from and the nature of work is changing. Roselyne Wanjiru deconstructs this new phenomenon and how the future work force can best prepare for this by taking advantage of prevailing circumstances.

African start-up ecosystem has had it's unique challenges over the years, in this episode, I speak with Kitawa Wemo, an accomplished venture builder who's nurturing small businesses by offering opportunities for their growth through mentorship, networking and support.

The corona virus has disrupted different elements of normal life including education. In this episode, I engage Sally Nekesa who's gone through the home schooling experience as she shares her thoughts on how parents can adapt to this new life style and some of the tips of making it a successful endeavor.