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Freelance to Founder on Smash Notes

Freelance to Founder podcast.

December 28, 2019

Narrative stories of freelancers & solopreneurs who have scaled their business to be something much bigger than themselves. Hosted by Brandon Hull. Featuring the enlightening & entertaining stories of Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, Bell + Ivy founder Cynthia Johnson, SeanWes founder Sean McCabe, The Futur founder Chris Do, 'Click it up a Notch' founder Courtney Slazinik, ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry, Double Your Freelancing founder Brennan Dunn, and lots more. Heartily endorsed by Michael Sacca, Host of Rocketship.fm; Nick Loper, host of The Side Hustle Show; and author & podcaster Paul Jarvis.

Episodes with Smash Notes

How can you get agency-level leads (big budgets, long timelines) when you're just a freelancer?

And no, we’re not talking about posting on Instagram and crossing your fingers—these are real-world, high ROI marketing tactics we’ve used or continue to use to build our own businesses.

Sara didn’t study copywriting or marketing at school but now, she’s got a six-figure freelancing business doing just that: copywriting and marketing.

Freelancer Noah STetzer built a six-figure Upwork profile in under 90 days and you can too.

Mateo's freelance business is growing—but how can he stay motivated to keep moving forward?

Think what $100K/mo in Recurring Revenue could do for your business and life. Today's episode unpacks exactly how Clay went from zero to $100k MRR.

Sales is one of your most important tasks as a business owner. But hiring for sales can be a nightmare. Here's how to fix it.

With millions of potential clients spending time on Linkedin, it's worth learning how to get it right. Today, we share our top tips for getting clients through LinkedIn.

Freelance job sites are a great way to get your foot in the door as a freelancer. But are they the best long-term strategy for growing an agency?

New clients are often the lifeblood of a freelance business, but what if taking on new work is holding you back from growing your business?

If you’ve ever felt even a little bit of burn-out—if you’ve ever felt overworked in your own business, wondering where you’re entrepreneurial freedom went, then this episode is for you.

Without a steady pipeline, you can’t have a steady business. And this episode wraps up with some highly actionable advice for making real progress in sales and marketing.