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Freelance to Founder on Smash Notes

Freelance to Founder podcast.

December 28, 2019

Narrative stories of freelancers & solopreneurs who have scaled their business to be something much bigger than themselves. Hosted by Brandon Hull. Featuring the enlightening & entertaining stories of Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, Bell + Ivy founder Cynthia Johnson, SeanWes founder Sean McCabe, The Futur founder Chris Do, 'Click it up a Notch' founder Courtney Slazinik, ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry, Double Your Freelancing founder Brennan Dunn, and lots more. Heartily endorsed by Michael Sacca, Host of Rocketship.fm; Nick Loper, host of The Side Hustle Show; and author & podcaster Paul Jarvis.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Have you ever felt like you are more of an employee than an expert to your clients?

Today we chat with Margaret who has been partnering with other freelancers, but can't seem to make her first hire.

In this episode, Preston dives into the details behind Clay hitting his 2021 revenue goal before the month of January was over. What!?

Here's how to spend less time pitching & selling and more time closing the deal and doing work you love.

If you find yourself stuck in "creating" instead of "selling," you HAVE to listen to this episode.

You can't build the right product or service for a client you don't know. Enter Clay's 3 ways to "spy" on your target audience...

There's a fine balance between running a business and managing people. Here's our take on doing it well...

In our chat with Yusef, we get real with some important questions about where you should be spending your time and effort as an agency-builder.

As business-builders, we often get in our own way more than any other obstacle. We get real in today's episode about getting out of your own way.

You want recurring revenue every month. But will clients actually subscribe for your services each month?

Can you make beautiful works of art and still build a thriving business? Or are artists doom to starve?

Get a sneak peek at 'Remote Works' a podcast by Citrix.