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Get Together on Smash Notes

Get Together podcast.

December 28, 2019

A show about the nuts and bolts of community building. Hosted by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and (occasionally) Kai Elmer Sotto, founders at People & Company and co-authors of "Get Together: How to build a community with your people."

Learn more about our community coaching services at peopleand.company or get a copy of our book at gettogetherbook.com 🔥

Episodes with Smash Notes

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Whitney Ogutu, “Get Together” correspondent, with Onyango Otieno. Onyango co-leads the Nyumbani community, which creates an online safe space for men who've been sexually abused.

We talked with Onyango about the power of personal stories in the healing path and self-care as a community leader.

A special interview introducing Whitney Ogutu, one of the two podcast correspondents selected for the inaugural cycle of our program.

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Marjorie Anderson, “Get Together” correspondent, with Jodianne Beckford, founder of Noire Girls Plant which provides resources that cater to healing and maintaining mental health through the caretaking of plants.

Jodianne leaves us with an important reminder: don’t be afraid to start the community you’re looking for.

A special interview introducing Marjorie Anderson, one of the two podcast correspondents selected from the inaugural cycle of our program.

An interview hosted by Bailey and Kevin with Steve Garguilo, partner at Cultivate, which helps organizations unlock their full potential and bring their culture to life.

We talked with Steve about his early career at Johnson & Johnson and his work now at Cultivate, sparking company culture shifts from the ground up.

Today we are re-sharing an episode that first went live in December of 2019 with Lennon Flowers and Carla Fernandez, the co-founders of The Dinner Party.

We invite you to join us on Friday November 20, 2020 as we check back in with Carla and Mary Horn, community manager at the Dinner Party, to learn about how the community has transformed since the pandemic.

An interview hosted by Bailey and Kevin with Kibi Anderson who empowered the viewers of “Red Table Talk” to the show's raw, honest conversations into their own lives.

We talked with Kibi about why the show sparked a community as well as the tools and support her team offered their community's leaders.

An interview hosted by Maggie and Bailey with Charlie Todd who formed Improv Everywhere, a comedic performance art group based in New York City. They aim to delight strangers through positive pranks.

We talked with Charlie about why people participate in these weird, wonderful prank missions and what has kept him energized over 19 years running Improv Everywhere.

This episode first aired in July 2020 on the Masters of Community podcast.

David Spinks, the host of Masters of Community, and Kevin discuss Kevin's early career at CreativeMornings and The Feast, the work that People & Company does to help organizations make smarter bets on community-building investments, and the responsibility of community leaders to take an active stand against racial injustice.

An interview hosted by Bailey and Maggie with Joe Robinson, founder of Designers + Geeks which is a mashup of his personal interests--design, art, and technology.

We talked with Joe about the nuts and bolts of creating an ongoing event series, making divisions like paid vs. free events, formatting, and cadence.

An interview hosted by Bailey and Kevin with Nate Nichols and Steffi Behringer of Allyship & Action. Over the past year, their creative production house, Palette Group, has met uncertainty with community building—creating the Freelancers Cyber Summit to make sense of the ad industry during the pandemic and Allyship & Action in response to George Floyd’s death.

We talked with Nate and Steffi about the role of storytelling, brand, and live events in bringing people together for collective action.

An interview hosted by Bailey and Maggie with Jonathan Carey, Associate Places Editor and Community Headmaster at Atlas Obscura which garners travel tips, articles, strange facts and unique events shared by travel enthusiasts around the world.

We talked with Jonathan about Atlas Obscura’s processes to capture and supercharge contributors on the platform.