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Get Together on Smash Notes

Get Together podcast.

December 28, 2019

A show about the nuts and bolts of community building. Hosted by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh and (occasionally) Kai Elmer Sotto, founders at People & Company and co-authors of "Get Together: How to build a community with your people."

Learn more about our community coaching services at peopleand.company or get a copy of our book at gettogetherbook.com 🔥

Episodes with Smash Notes

An interview hosted by Whitney Ogutu and Bailey Richardson with Bruce Muchelule founder of DADing Different, a community to support young and first time dads.

We talked with Bruce about connecting people who are not used to being vulnerable.

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Maggie Zhang with Evan Hamilton, the Director of Community at Reddit, a network of hundreds of thousands of communities who come together over shared interests.

We talked with Evan about how he has built trust with moderators at scale.

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Kevin Huynh with Todd Hansen. For ten years, Todd led conference programming at South by Southwest, the annual film, interactive media, and music festival held in Austin, Texas. Recently, Todd and friends started the Artist Rescue Trust to support musicians, artists, and creatives affected by the pandemic.

We talked with Todd about how the SXSW team has built the conference over the years with attendees and how he tapped existing motivation in starting the Artist Rescue Trust.

An interview hosted by Mia Quagliarello with David Lyford-Smith, a UK based accountant with and a spreadsheet warrior.

We talked with David about channeling an eager community’s enthusiasm in productive ways.

An interview hosted by Mia Quagliariello, Maggie Zhang, and Mira Zhang (Maggie’s little sister) with Ashley Hackworth, a savvy community builder who’s a leading force in A.R.M.Y. (adorable representative MC for youth), the K-pop supergroup BTS’s incredibly loyal, benevolent, and powerful fan base.

We talked with Ashley about how fans gather initially around BTS’s music, and then stay and unite for bigger causes.

An interview hosted by Whitney Ogutu and Bailey Richardson with Lewis Kang'ethe, the community lead for the African chapter of The Fearless Community. They are bringing together design leaders to share knowledge and stay connected during lockdown.

We talked with Lewis about how he is bridging the gap across cultures and sparking conversation in Slack and virtual meetups.

A live interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Kevin Huynh with Claire Wasserman, co-founder of Ladies Get Paid. Ladies Get Paid has connected 75,000 women on their mission to close the wage gap.

We talked with Claire in front of a live Zoom audience about how she has supercharged women across the country to be advocates for their worth and her new book, titled "Ladies Get Paid."

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson with Adam Bedoian, the Community GM at Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach. It’s one of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville-themed retirement communities.

We talked with Adam about how the beloved song comes to life, and how to build a thriving community of neighbors.

An interview hosted by Mia Quagliarello with Chris Turner, the founder of The Ring Finders. Chris has built an online directory of 500 independent metal detecting specialists in 22 countries that volunteer as sleuths in search of lost rings.

We talked with Chris about a community of people that come together for a simple, altruistic reason--the smile when a ring is recovered.

An interview hosted by Marjorie Anderson and Kevin Huynh with Sophie Mona Pagès, the founder of LVRSNFRNDS, a community platform where strangers come to know each other through live conversations on everything modern relationships.

We talked with Sophie about how to start such conversations—finding strangers and guiding their early connections—and transferring those connections online.

An interview hosted by Bailey Richardson and Maggie Zhang with Sarah Leung, the eldest daughter of the Leung family who started the blog The Woks of Life. The family of four started the blog to stay connected while living oceans apart.

We talked with Sarah about role modeling stories and conversations to spark a greater community.

A special interview with Maggie Zhang, “Get Together” Podcast Correspondent.