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Growth Marketing Today on Smash Notes

Growth Marketing Today podcast.

December 28, 2019

Growth Marketing Today is a weekly podcast for marketers and founders to learn from today's top marketing experts in growth, SEO, paid acquisition, conversion optimization, copywriting and more. Past guests include April Dunford, Val Geisler, Andrew Warner, Georgiana Laudi and Kevin Indig.

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Question? Comments? Feedback? Reach out to this podcast's host at @RamliJohn on twitter or ramli@growthtoday.fm via email.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Speaking on podcast shows and at conferences is one of the best ways to build your brand, demonstrate expertise, and gain credibility.

In addition to building brand awareness, it helps build trust with your target audience that can drive valuable busin

You’ve created content that people are searching for, that answers their questions, and that search engines can understand, but those qualities alone don’t mean it’ll rank.

To outrank the rest of the sites with those qualities, you have to establish au

For large enterprise organizations, the idea of executive leaders being more active on social media can be a bit intimidating. Would it do more harm than good?

But, the data has continued to show the risks of not having leadership on social media. 77%

Building a community for a brand can become a strategic moat. Not only is it a space for a brand’s most loyal fans to give new ideas about the product or service, but it’s also where they can be mobilized to advocate for the company. In this episode, Joe

There’s never been a more relevant time to learn how to build an online community. Personally, I’m part of several dozen Slack and Facebook groups. The problem is that those platforms were not designed for community building.

That’s where Circle.so, th

At HubSpot, “surround sound” is a content marketing approach that aims to make HubSpot products visible every time someone searches for a product-related keyword (e.g. “best help desk software” or “best live chat software”). The goal is for potential user

Neuromarketing can help you improve your marketing campaigns, product information and – above all – positively influence your customer’s final decision to make a purchase. To help you better understand and leverage the power of neuromarketing, Tim Ash, au

Many folks think that you need a TON of content to generate a lift in traffic. But, Hiba Amin, Senior Marketing Manager at Soapbox, put together one piece that resulted in 51% increase in traffic and doubled their MRR. Sounds too good to be true, right? S

Product marketers are focused on understanding and marketing to customers and positioning their company to sell to potential customers. They drive demand and usage of products, which usually includes writing positioning and messaging, launching new produc

Personas. Maybe you love them. Maybe you hate them. Either way, you’ve probably concluded at some point in your career that your current personas are failing you. It’s because most buyer personas are built on anecdotes and made-up stories. In this episode