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When you grow yourself, you grow your business. In this episode, Ramli chats with Elan Marko. He is the founder and growth at Business Basecamp and has become a growth marketer for a lot of startups, helping entrepreneurs push themselves forward through being uncomfortable. Learn about his story and how this unique way to grow your business could possibly be the next big thing for you! “I would market really hard to a few people and go real deep with those people.”- Elan Marko About Elan Elan Marko has rockclimbed over 280,000 vertical feet, and lives for adventure. By day he's addicted to learning, innovating, and growing ideas from seeds to trees. On a mission to elevate entrepeneurs to achieve their potential to impact the world. He works with heart centered entrepreneurs and help them grow revenue through business consulting and group business programs. You'll find him spending his free time connecting with great minds, brainstorming the next big idea, and getting fired up to push boundaries of what's possible.  

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