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We're back with Sarah Stockdale, former Director of Global Community Growth at Tilt.com (acquired by AirBnb) and principal at Sarah Stockdale Growth Consulting. In this episode, learn the fastest way to grow your startup-up, the story behind the acquisition of Tilt.com's by AirBnb and Sarah's tips for doing growth experiments. She also shares her tips for anyone trying to get into growth marketing. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to https://growthmarketing.today/024 What You'll Learn in This Episode The northstar metric that the Tilt.com growth team looked at The fastest way to grow (hint: it’s not a spray and pray approach) The story behind the acquisition of Tilt.com by AirBnb An experiment that really worked well for Tilt.com Sarah’s tips for growth teams who are doing experiments Tips for anyone trying to get into growth marketing About Sarah Stockdale Sarah Stockdale is a growth veteran, with 7 years of experience growing and scaling early stage technology companies. With experience working at venture-backed companies out of both Toronto and Silicon Valley, Sarah has grown companies from scratch and led large growth teams. Past experience includes Product Marketing and Business Development at Wave and most recently, Sarah led a multi-national growth team at Tilt as the Director of Global Community Growth. Sarah mentors with Venture for Canada and 500 Startups, and has taught and spoken at Ryerson, Queen's, Brainstation, HackerYou, McMaster, George Brown and Mohawk College.

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