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Ever thought about running an influencer marketing campaign? In this episode of Growth Marketing Today, I have the Richard Wong, VP Marketing of #Paid, one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms in the industry. They've recently raised $9M in Series A funding to fuel their platform's expansion with AI. Learn why you should consider running an influencer marketing campaign, how to run a successful campaign and how to measure the success of that campaign. For quotes and episode outline of this episode, go to https://growthmarketing.today/025 What You'll Learn in This Episode How has marketing in tech changed in the last 5-10 years The history and impact of influencer marketing One winning influencer campaign they ran in an unsexy industry (hint: it's the financial/bank field) What #Paid's marketing team looks like How to run a successful influencer marketing campaign How to measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns Tips for recent marketing grads on how to get their first job About Richard Wong Richard Wong is a Toronto-based marketing leader who is currently the head of marketing at #paid having previously worked at Google, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble. His work has been featured in AdWeek, DigiDay, Media in Canada, Strategy Magazine, the American Marketing Association (AMA) blog, DX3, and other publications. He also teaches the digital marketing classes at tech schools—Brainstation, RED Academy, and Camp Tech.  

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