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What are the three categories of people that go to Bulletproof Labs?

The first category is the people who have a type of chronic autoimmune, non-responsive disease. Basically, people who have not been well served by the current medical system, and want symptomatic relief and to try new therapies. Category one people tend to use the cryotherapy technologies.

The second category people are those who have had an injury and want to recover faster. People in category two include those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. Most of these people recover within a few days from their injuries. The technologies used are post-electromagnetic fields, which reset the electrical charge in cells and increases circulation.

The third category is people who just want to perform better in life. These may include busy executives who want to deal with their stress better, or people who want to work out better. These people have a weight workout that replaces two hours of training so they can work just as well while the workout takes less time.