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Hustle on Smash Notes

Hustle podcast.

May 19, 2020

The Hustle is a show dedicated to the evolution of the craft of design. We chat with design captains, inspiring designers, product leaders, agency owners, and the Funsize team about building teams that can create products that matter. Hosted by Funsize's Partner and Head of Design, Anthony Armendariz

Episodes with Smash Notes

"We're working at objectives from the other direction: How do we make a really great experience for individuals and then eventually build up to something that works for the whole organization?"

"One thing I think is a telltale sign that it's not necessarily a good time for a design sprint ... is when someone in leadership read the book and is like, 'we need to do a design sprint.' It's like a hammer looking for a nail."

"All the policy and reform stuff is a small victory. But to see people lean in in a very sincere way and say, 'you know what? I' m willing to do that hard internal work' has definitely been very rewarding."

"I think brand and culture are absolutely synonymous with one another. When culture is toxic, I think that directly bleeds over to the brand and retention."

"Usually as designers, we'll settle on the first answer we come to. But i think if we push past that first answer, we'll come to something really interesting."

"That idea that anyone can have creative confidence, that anyone can think like a designer. That's really the democratization of [design]."

"I'm a big proponent of finding out what you liked to do as a kid, as a wayfinding stick."

Helen Tran is a designer, CEO, hobbyist writer, traveler and macaroon connoisseur (amongst other things). In this episode you will learn everything about software design, business ownership, bodybuilding, career risks, the meaning of wealth and the knowledge gap between employees and the founders. Enjoy!

"The process is the most beautiful part of it. The finished product is what dies ... But your experience with your team was still a beautiful thing."

"I love being able to be a glimpse of hope or give a firm direction [for new designers]" ... "Being able to meet these people who have gone through what you're going through is really hopeful so i love being able to be that."

"I don't think we have figured out how to evaluate people for what might make a good manager or leader — down the line — because we're still looking at: 'Are you shipping?'"

"How do I approach a team member who needs something in their personal life that will hold up an amount of work that the team is counting on? What is more important? To me, the personal life. In that moment, I can see: The human experience for that person is more important than our team goals."