What are benefits and struggles that agencies and in-house teams experience? 32:08

Benefits of agencies include getting to work on a lot of things while you’re surrounding with other people working on the same projects. Companies hire agencies to take off the edge work and gain an outer perspective. The negative is that you’re slightly removed from the company your working with, which means you may not have a deep understanding of what the company is striving for, so your idea may not be effective. Agencies sometimes view the impact of in-house work to diminish the agency’s roles.

If you worked in-house, you will have knowledge and know the company inside an out for potential opportunities. The negative side may include not being able to be included directly to work on the projects, but would have to push and support the idea to happen.

To achieve success, you’ll need to have an agency and an in-house team in order to collaborate and successfully work in today’s world as the work dynamics are changing. If you have both of these, you’ll get the best of both worlds and be more impactful once you take advantage of these opportunities.


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