What Are You Gonna Say Yes To? (with Joel Beukelman)
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Who is Joel Beukelman? 00:31

Joel Senior interaction designer at Google, father of 3 kids, and he runs a very popular YouTube channel.


How do you find time to do everything? 03:25

There is definitely no time for everything and something has to give. You have to be okay with that, and to be clear as to what your priorities are. For example, Joel admits that he is a better designer when he is healthy, so health has to be set as a priority.


How long should you hustle through life? 06:07

Having a baby gave Anthony Armendariz a reality check and a reminder that investing in his relationship with his wife and his baby is so much more rewarding that hustling for his business. At the end of the day, being a happy person makes him a better boss, and creates a net-positive outcome for his company.


How does fatherhood change your privacy expectations? 07:26

Being able to use the bathroom without your kids knocking on the door is a rare occurrence.


Why do creatives struggle to spend any time on personal health? 07:54

Joel speculates that many people like him are often living with an imposter syndrome, constantly prioritising work over their personal needs, be that health or family.

Before working at Google he spent two years working for a startup, spending every waking moment living and breathing the needs of that company. One would think that joining Google would be easy, and allow Joel to rest, but even then, he's always feeling like he is not doing things fast enough.


What make for a great designer? 15:50

Design is a multi-faceted field with many niche aspects and no common language to describe them all. Being able to focus on your own proficiencies is the key to doing great work that makes you happy.

The best way to understand what would make you happy is to try it all. Some might prefer to stay as individual contributors, some would move into management..etc. To each their own, and that's okay.

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