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I Made It on Smash Notes

I Made It podcast.

March 09, 2020

A podcast for creators who get things done.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Discover AJ Jacob’s creative process for publishing four New York Times bestsellers, including how he brainstorms, researches, and writes his real-life quests.

Discover how Ann Handley created her newsletter, Total ANNARCHY, plus, her creative process for making her work stand out from the rest.

Discover how Gibi, one of YouTube’s top ASMRists, grew her online audience. She reveals her creative process and shares advice for fellow creators.

Discover Joanna Wiebe’s creative process for writing a comprehensive ebook, plus how she keeps her creative work relevant and actionable.

A special holiday episode of the I Made It podcast. What happens on the eve of your launch when things don't go as expected?

Get Chase Jarvis’s advice on releasing your creativity, tapping your intuition, taking consistent action, and applying his IDEA framework to create your life’s work.

Joy Cho on how to grow your brand, solicit feedback from your audience, and manage the creative process as a maker or entrepreneur.