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Kindness Economy on Smash Notes

Kindness Economy podcast.

April 10, 2020

Do you know the true cost of doing business? Hosts Courtney King and Rebekah Olivera share an impassioned “Rantifesto” spreading their hopeful vision on how to do business with kindness, abundance, and community as core considerations in creating capital. A new topic is explored each week with guests offering guidance to any listener attempting to exist in a world willing to grind people into cogs. Let’s imagine something better together and cultivate the mindset that kindness, in and of itself, is a resource. Our tarot card pull, opens listeners to curiosity and mysticism, for we certainly don’t know everything. We’ll see you in the future.

Episodes with Smash Notes

We are currently experiencing an exceptional amount of media intake. How does one regulate? Listen for more

What does it mean to play in the spirit of the Game? What would it look like if we lived more of our lives this way? Listen for more.

COVID19 Update 00 - We’ve been sheltering in place for 6 weeks. How are things? Listen for more.

Can you trust the systems around you? Can you trust your community? Can you trust yourself? Listen to learn more.

In current events it might sound trite. I think it matters. Can you optimize happiness? What if we calculated happiness like money and other resources? Listen to learn more.

Is luck a matter of timing? What control do we have over time? Listen to learn more.

When you consume media that is the participation of someone else. Is that something you would like to do? What does it mean to make art or community? How does one engage in a movement? Listen for more.

Is truth absolute? Is that even possible? Listen to learn more.

How do you cultivate inner authority? Is that even an option? Listen to learn more.

Are you allergic to vulnerability? Where do you feel safe enough to let your guard down? How do you know it’s a safe space? Listen to learn more.

What games are you playing? What games you you want to be playing? What games serve the greater good? Listen for more

What is it like to keep showing up? What can one expect when you can’t see the future? Listen to learn more.