Episode 64: Customise Your Microblog with Miraz Jordan, aka @Miraz
Micro Monday
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Who is Miraz Jordan ? 00:51

She is located on the coast of New Zealand and spent many years working on tech related blogs. She is now working on microblogs and sharing tips and tutorials.


What is Miraz Jordan's background? 02:50

She started out as a journalism teacher. She then got involved in an adult literacy organization that had a Mac, which peaked her interest. Miraz dove in to understanding computers and the internet and helping beginners with using technology.


Why does Miraz Jordan enjoy helping beginners ? 08:54

She realized that she can make a big difference in teaching beginners things that others may assume they already know.


How did Miraz Jordan decide to create an entire site of tutorials ? 12:08

Miraz didn't like some of the formatting on her blog and started exploring with ways to make changes. From there, she started experimenting and learning. "Scratching her own itch" got her started.


For people new to Miraz Jordan's site, where should they start? 16:15

They should go to the "Archive" section and explore from there.


How is the page organized? 18:09

As one works through the tutorials, content from oldest to newest tends to get a bit harder.


How should people start out with microblogging? 22:37

Going with the basic micro.blog themes and writing nothing out of the parameters of what the site supports is a good place to begin. Worry about styling later. The important thing is to get the content out there initially.


Is the comments section useful? 24:05

Yes! They are not intended to be seen for people viewing your webpage. For example, one can make a note if using HTML from someone else's site to remember where the information was found if there are issues, etc.


Where can questions or requests for Miraz be directed? 29:57

There is a "Contact Me" page with her email address and she is also available on Slack.