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Mirths and Monsters on Smash Notes

Mirths and Monsters podcast.

December 28, 2019

A family friendly, surreal, informative show that follows CK and his dog Finn...and occasionally Rey the Barry Manilow obsessed cat turns they journey across the globe and sometimes through time, to investigate the real stories behind myths, monsters and more.

Episodes with Smash Notes

3 years ago I released my first episode and it has led me to a world of new friends, happiness and absolute wonder.

This episode is dedicated to every single mirther who has listened, supported, showed kindness and created the best group on the inter...

Join CK and the crew in this third part investigating the Bermuda triangle, the final part is next week. This one gets a tad intense in places but in the most exciting of ways!

Promo from the utterly sublime Murderous Minors, go listen, it's so ...

CK and the gang head to the Bermuda triangle and on the way share some stories of the mysterious triangle of dooooooom.

Promo from the always entertaining and engaging Home Video Hustle.

Music Cantina rag-Jackson F Brown Oh by jingo-All Star Trio


Join CK and the furry crew in this the first part of 3 episodes that will try and find the truth behind the Bermuda triangle, the geometrical nightmare! Ooh it's exciting!

Music-All Star Trio-oh by jingo Jackson F Smith-the cantina rag The Best ...

The return of Mirths and Monsters to your earholes.

Some cryptids are lesser known but just as fascinating. Join me and Finn as we head back to 1800's Bavaria to see...The Wolpertinger. Sources-

This episode we learn about the lesser known cryptid known as the Fouke Monster or the legend of boggy creek. Time for some time travel.


CK brings you another wee tale/interview with another classic monster and Finn makes a new friend. Promo from augie peterson @AugiePwrites Mirths and monsters aka finn's fanclub for weekly facebook lives. Short story competition-500-1000 words, th...

This episode tackles the vampire. CK and the gang take a trip to Transylvania and hope to bump into a vampire. Join mirths and monsters facebook group AKA Finn's fanclub for weekly facebook lives and a monthly giveaway. Short story contest! Bedtim...

This episode we learn about the history of the mummy, featuring a special guest. Promo from the fantastic boos and spirits. Mummy artwork by Shz Navajo Williamson Check out further work at Check out www.mirthsandmon...

Join CK and all the animals in the bit late/incredibly early christmas episode all about Krampus.

Here I tell you about the legend of goblins. It's a lot more complicated than you may have thought.

Sudio sweden link and the code to use is 'mirths'