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Mirths and Monsters on Smash Notes

Mirths and Monsters podcast.

December 28, 2019

A family friendly, surreal, informative show that follows CK and his dog Finn...and occasionally Rey the Barry Manilow obsessed cat turns up...as they journey across the globe and sometimes through time, to investigate the real stories behind myths, monsters and more.

Episodes with Smash Notes

Part 2 of our story about the Winchester House. This episode we take a trip back in time to the late 1880's to visit the house itself.

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Fancy ...

Finally Mirths and Monsters is investigating the Winchester House. In part 1 we begin by learning the history of Sarah Winchester and how certain events helped create the sprawling bizareness of the Winchester House itself. Promo is from The crypto cha...

The missing episode. I had no clue that this was missing until it was pointed out to me.

Enjoy the long awaited chapter, lucky 13.


The exciting conclusion to our Area 51 adventure. Will we escape? Will there be bad jokes? Will there be sandwiches? Tune in to find out.

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Part three of area 51 sees CK and the furry crew being held captive on a flying saucer but ooh it doesn't end there. Final part coming very soon.

Promo from All Gay Long, an excellent show. Contact me on the twitter mirths_monsters Instagram Mir...

Dear Mirthers, this was used for a patron only benefit but have decided to release it for all listeners. Patrons, you will be getting a bonus tale for the month of January so you don't lose out.

Thank you all so much for making an insane year to...

CK and the furry crew are heading to Roswell! Ish, in that general vicinity. This episode we head back to 1947 and find out once and for all what happened on that day. It gets...interesting.

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Join me as we start a new investigation, this time, area 51! How thoroughly exciting. This episode deals with some of the history and some sprinklings of theories.

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Music-Oh by ...

Hello ma friends. Have done a bonus wee episode that features two poems and a short fairy tale. Just for setting yourself off to the land of nod.

Address to a haggis by Robert Burns Overheard on a saltmarsh by Harold Monro (thanks to Katie for the su...

The concluding part to this classic tale, ooooh it gets exciting.

Hallo ma friends! Today and tomorrow will be the tale, 'The legend of sleepy hollow' by Washington Irvine. Part 2 will be with you very soon.

If you fancy hearing more stories every month then head to www.patreon.com/mirthsandmonsters and...

A short wee spooky tale for you today by Hector Hugh Munro. A man who's life and work is definitely worth checking out beyond this.

Enjoy folks,