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Ep 120 (Member Bonus): Nan Ransohoff & Ryan Orbuch, Stripe Climate Team

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Today's guests are Nan Ransohoff & Ryan Orbuch, members of Stripe’s Climate team.

Nan and Ryan form the Climate team at Stripe, and I was very excited for the opportunity to interview them. While it’s not a climate company, Stripe recognizes that climate change poses a long term risk to its mission of growing the GDP of the Internet. As a result, Stripe is doing a number of things that I think are fascinating. For one, it’s treating the climate team like a product team. The company embraces a culture of experimentation and, as part of that, it’s leaning into negative emissions. The company has been transparent in its efforts, open sourcing much of its work. Second, Stripe is figuring out how to include merchants in its efforts to decarbonize. I can't wait to see what Stripe does in climate over time. It's a fascinating company, and I really enjoy this discussion with Nan and Ryan.

Enjoy the show!

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