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Happiness Is Peace in Motion

Naval podcast.

March 06

What is happiness and how do you get it exactly? Why are some people so buy chasing it, but cannot seem to ever get it. Can you be content and happy?

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and investor, the CEO and founder of AngelList, and also a world renowned mindfulness guru. He explains.

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modern life, on the other hand, is more hectic in other ways. The sources of stress that we have are more chronic. This defines stress for a moment, physically stresses when something wants to be in two places at one time. If I take an iron beam and apply pressure toe, both ends in different directions. I'm creating stress in the beam because one part wants to be northeast. Part wants to be south. That creates stress on the beam in a person. Stress is when we can't decide what's important, it's an inability to decide what is more important. So then you want two things at once that are mutually incompatible. I want to relax right now, but I need to get some work done. I'm under stress.

I need to go to that party but also need to goto work. But when you truly give up on something is actually no longer stressful. When you accept that something is completely out of control, there's no point being stressed about it, so it does imply that you have some level of control over it. The mind is constantly creating stress for you through situations where it's being more paranoid or more angry than is actually warranted for your environment. We want to find peace from money. We want to have tools that allow us to not turn off the brain line because you can't suppress the mind. If I say to you, don't think of a white elephant. You just thought of a white elephant so you can't force the mine into anything. But we're the mind on its own, calms down and naturally goes away. And how do you do that? How do you end up with a more peaceful mind? Because a more peaceful mine automatically creates a happier person.

One phrase I like is that peace is happiness at rest. Happiness is peace in motion. A peaceful person doing an activity will end up happy doing that activity. A happy person just sitting there will be peaceful. So the goal actually is not happiness. Even though we'll use that term a lot, The goal is actually piece. So the question is, how do you get to peace? The first problem getting two pieces that no activity will get you a piece because peace is fundamentally in activity pieces a sense that everything is fine and if everything is fine, you know, making physical activity change it. So you're physically a peace and your gnomic mental activity. Try and change it all the time, either or not wishing you were because that'll create mental stress because you'll want to mentally be somewhere other than you actually are. So peace itself is not a thing that can be directly achieved.

You cannot work towards peace. What? You can work towards his understanding. I think this is an old religious thing, which is the name of God is truth. And what that's basically saying is that when you understand certain things, when you learn certain things, when you're convinced of certain things and when they become a deep part of you than you naturally become a more peaceful person.

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